2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


CategorySocial Behaviour & Cultural Insight

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

People experienced the campaign differently across different touch points. Our print and traditional outdoor interacted with the audience with no gimmicks, by inviting them to close the gap mentally to reveal the new words. On digital screens, our ads animated to show the words before and after the gap was closed. On social and digital platforms, people were able to close the gap directly with their own hands. DM’s were sent to influential women to start the conversation; and Flyers, designed to match the size of Lebanese money, were attached to money bundles and handed out to women in banks.


The gender pay gap has been steadily narrowing globally. But in Lebanon, not as fast as it should. To date, a 21% average gender pay gap remains to be closed; contributing to Lebanon’s poor ranking at 145 out of 152 countries (Global gender Gap Report 2020). As part of its initiatives to build a gender balanced Lebanon, Fiftyfifty wanted to raise awareness about the 21% gender pay gap; and inspire a behavioral change in women, and towards women in the workplace.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

In Arabic, a gap between two words or two letters impacts the way they are read and understood. And in some cases, by closing the gap between the letters, a new word is revealed, with an entirely different meaning. “Close The Gap” is a campaign that uses Arabic typography and chosen words to show people what it means to close the pay gap, literally. With the gap, the words reflected women’s reality at the workplace. Unequally paid, stagnating in lower positions, with unequal opportunities to grow. We asked people to close the gap between the letters, to reveal new words with empowering, positive and hopeful meanings. With each word, we reminded people of the law that prohibits all forms of discrimination between men and women in the workplace. By inviting people to close the gap between letters, we showed them what it means to close the pay gap between genders.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Knowing we were talking to one of the female populations with the least gender equality around the world, one who had only recently begun to find their voice during the recent Lebanese revolution, we knew we had to strike while the iron was hot. Still, we were aware these were women had long faced discrimination in every facet. So confronting them with the injustice of a 21% pay gap would be regarded as another way in which they were oppressed. Yet in this instance, the law was actually on their side. ARTICLE 26 of the Lebanese Labor Law clearly prohibits all forms of discrimination against women in the workplace. We firstly had to simply and visibly illustrate to them the real and massive impact a 21% gap can make. Secondly we had to make them aware of the equal opportunity law to empower them to demand what was rightfully theirs.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

We created a typeface and graphical elements inspired by the Lebanese currency; and designed each ad after one of the Lebanese notes. We highlighted the gap with a vertical strip that slashed the edges of the letters to dramatize its impact. Inside it, we wrote our CTA: Close The Gap. With each word, we reminded people of Article 26 of the Lebanese labor law that prohibits all forms of discrimination against women in the workplace. The campaign was launched on February 10th for two weeks. Our ads were seen in major newspaper in the country. Posters and billboards were placed in popular business areas to inspire change. DM’s were sent to influential women to start the conversation. Flyers were handed out to women in banks. On digital and social platforms, people interacted with the posters directly. And using Anghami’s wide pool of reach, we targeted different people with different messages.

List the results (30% of vote)

The campaign had a noticeable impact on the culture. With more than 2 Million impressions, and a trending campaign, our simple words made thousands of Lebanese women aware of the law that is behind them when it comes to demanding equal pay. All they had to do was close the gap. Website visits for the organization rose by a whopping +40%, while awareness of the Labor Law increased by an incredible +80%.

Please tell us about the social behaviour and / or cultural insights that inspired your campaign

The campaign was inspired by two things: Firstly, by the 21% average pay gap that remains to be filled in Lebanon, contributing to its poor ranking at 145 out of 152 countries in the Global gender gap report 2020. And secondly, by the shift in behavior that we witnessed in the Lebanese women who led the October revolution in Lebanon. After we’ve seen them dominate the street, as outspoken as ever and as far as ever from the “polite lady” narrative society has perpetuated for years; protesting against the ruling elites in Lebanon and the patriarchal systems in place, with voices, demands and honor, it was a high time for them, and the right time for 50/50 to ask them to rise even further above societal barriers and fight for their legal right to economic security and financial stability.


Name Company Role
Dani Richa Impact BBDO CEO
Paul Shearer Impact BBDO Chief Creative Officer
Marie Claire Maalouf Impact BBDO Creative Director
Sarah Berro Impact BBDO Creative Director
Bijoy Purayil Impact BBDO Art Director
Noor Hassanein Impact BBDO Strategic Planning Director
Emma Jane Randall Impact BBDO Account Executive
Ali Rez Impact BBDO Executive Creative Director
Ahmed Nawara Impact BBDO Designer
Rima Hussein Impact Plus Account Manager
Ann Geleen Amparado Impact BBDO Producer
James Keith Elgie Impact BBDO Motion And Image Making Lead
Tennyson Torcato Impact BBDO Creative Services Director
Nabil al Mawla Freelance Typography artist
Rawad Keyrouz Impact BBDO Beirut Producer
Charly Hatem Freelance Videographer
Nidal Bou Ghanem Impact BBDO Beirut Motion Designer
Ramy Tannous Impact BBDO Head of Multimedia
Lilas Sinno Impact BBDO Account Director
Joelle Abou Farhat Rizkallah Fiftyfifty Lebanon Co-Founder – President
Stephanie Nassar Big Kahuna Editor
Razan Hamdan Big Kahuna Producer