2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryDurable Consumer Goods including Automotive

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

We enabled consumers to have a deeper brand experience by creating a dynamic campaign that educated and motivated them through their Samsung Galaxy devices. For the campaign to function, it required consumers to make the move and use our existing chat channels to ask about photography or fitness tips. From then on, every consumer journey was personal and unique. Every conversation was customized to the real needs of each participant. It wasn't about selling products. It was about creating a personal space where consumers can act now, open up, receive advice, and develop their ambitions.


Although millennials in the UAE aspire to pursue their passions, in a fast-paced world driven by their work-centric lifestyles, many end up postponing and not following through with their interests. There are always constant disruptions and a lack of motivation getting in the way. At the same time, brand communications often don't speak to consumers. Usually, it’s a one-way conversation with the brand telling consumers what they need, instead of showing them why they need it. Samsung wanted to take a different approach to connect with consumers in a more meaningful way and increase brand love and experience. As a global leader in technology, Samsung was in the position to empower consumers through its products to achieve their goals.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

Knowing that our consumers are overwhelmed with everyday life, and in most cases aren't able to pursue their passions, we decided to reach them and support them directly through their Samsung Galaxy devices. We launched the "Now Coach" on our existing chat channels to provide direct access to personalized trainings in photography and fitness, through one-on-one conversations with a pro-photographer and a wellness expert, and getting practical tips to try out. We gamified the journey by giving more experiences to those who made more happen. They got to meet the coaches, who personalized new programs, and gave each of them the latest Galaxy devices (Note10 for photography or Galaxy watch for wellness) so that they could create more. In the end, we showed that with the right tools and a little motivation, anyone can make more happen.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

To find a meaningful connection with consumers, we started by looking at what our target audience: young, social-savvy working millennials were interested in, and found they were most passionate about improving their well-being and taking better photos. Knowing how their busy lifestyles can often disrupt and get in the way of their passions, we wanted to reach out to them on a platform that would be convenient and comfortable for them to access to anytime, anywhere. So, we turned our existing chat channel on messenger into a personal space for millennials to reach out to a wellness or photography expert. The strategy was to create a customer journey that would get even more personalized and immersive for the participant as he/she continues the conversation.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

Through out the beginning of 2019, mass digital and social communications targeted our audience. This started with 1- an open invitation for people to start a conversation. Those who clicked on our ads were directed to our messenger where they could select their interest and start a personal conversation with a wellness or photography coach, also using step-by-step video tips about their passions. 2- Those who interacted and showed more interest were then invited to meet the coaches in person, who personalized tasks and programs based on each individual’s needs and gave them the latest Galaxy devices. Their conversations continued on messenger, and each interaction differed based on each participant’s lifestyle and program. Regular updates were shared with the coaches giving real-time feedback and advice. 3- Finally, we met up with all participants and chronicled their entire journey/story and showcased their transformation on our brand channels.

List the results (30% of vote)

In the end, what mattered wasn’t just the results: - Almost 14,000 conversations - Over 3 million post engagements - Over 6% increase in brand consideration - Nearly 5% increase in brand preference - Nearly 5% increase in brand image It was about being able to establish real personal connections and drive real convictions in people to act NOW, and we showed that a brand can be human-first in a digital-first world.


Name Company Role
Ramzi Ibrahim Cheil MEA Creative Director
James Tan Cheil MEA Associate Creative Director / Copywriter
Jagal Gopinath Cheil MEA Senior Digital Art Director
Santosh Singh Cheil MEA Production Manager
Brett Jones Cheil MEA Associate Account Director
Senna Hazem Cheil MEA Digital Account Manager
Esra Olcay Samsung Gulf Electronics Senior Marketing Manager
Shafi Alam Samsung Gulf Electronics Senior Manager
Oznur Demir Samsung Gulf Electronics Manager
Woo Hyun Park Cheil MEA Group Director
Simon Ashwin Cheil MEA Chief Digital & Client Officer
Aakriti Goel Cheil MEA Strategy and Data Director
Sharon Mempin Cheil MEA Senior Designer
Naeem Hussein Cheil MEA Digital Designer
Souchitra Sarkar Cheil MEA Art Director
Diana Parra Lomeli Cheil MEA Digital Art Director
Ferran Mestre Cheil MEA Associate Creative Director / Content Editor
Baher Raouf Cheil MEA Associate Creative Director
Hussein Kaddaha Cheil MEA Arabic Copywriter
Irene Philip Cheil MEA Copywriter
Hadeel Mohammed Cheil MEA Senior Social Media Executive
Tala Al Hennawi Cheil MEA Social Executive
Luay Hussein Cheil MEA Social Account Executive
Tyler Yeom Cheil MEA Associate Account Director
Nada Naji Cheil MEA Senior Digital Executive
Madhup Agarwal The Goldmine Films Executive Producer
Farha Moon The Goldmine Films Producer
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