2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceSTC PAY
CategoryConsumer Services / Business to Business
Media Placement UM MENA Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

Eid 2020 was in jeopardy of being canceled and tensions were high as consumers were dealing with yet another disappointment due to the pandemic, traditions such as passing of cash between family “The Eidiya” weren’t an option. But stc wasn’t about to let that happen. Instead, we changed one of our main features the “person-to-person” transfer into an “Send Eidiya” one. We completely shifted the customer experience, creating a brand new personalized and customized service for Eid, stc pay users could not only instantly send cash, but write letters to the receivers. Keeping the holidays special using just our application.


The ‘Holiday Blues’ were overwhelming in 2020 as a raging pandemic was sweeping the globe and celebrations were cancelled as families had to spend days in isolation, and it was no different in Saudi Arabia. Eid, a Muslim festivity, is celebrated with big gatherings & the passing of “Eidiya”, a ritual where elder members of the family distribute cash presents to their daughters, sons and grandchildren. But last year, this was completely off the table given the pandemic. So, the Saudi Telcom Company, owner of stc pay, a digital wallet which allows users to transfer,receive, and manage their money using just a smartphone, was not going to let the Kingdom of Islam be deprived of traditions and prosperity. We had an objective to utilize the fintech application to keep the spirit of Eid alive and spread joy among 100,000 Muslims in the country using the transfer feature. (stc pay data)

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

Repackage the person-to-person transfer button to “give a contactless Eidiya” one. We targeted Saudi households, whether it’s parents who needed to make the day still special for the kids, or millennials who wanted to brighten up the day for friends. Taking into consideration our findings and the importance of this tradition to Saudis it had to be personalized. The new Eidiya feature not only allowed consumers to transfer cash instantly, but users could also write a personal message with each one. And it wasn’t just cash, users can send gift cards from the stores within the application’s marketplace such as Spotify, iTunes, PlayStation store and many more. To encourage people to use it, we communicated across social platforms such as Twitter & YouTube telling consumers “Because we do this every year, it won’t change this year” alongside educational infographics on how to use the service.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Contactless payments witnessed a surge during the pandemic as 77% of Saudis adapted to digital payments to safely conduct daily transactions, we were in the midst of a cultural shift as 69% of them finally trusted paying with mobile wallets (source: Visa KSA), a staggering number for a usually conservative nation. We targeted Saudi households, whether it’s parents who needed to make the day still special for the kids, or millennials who wanted to brighten up the day for friends. Consumers won’t individually request an IBAN, add, confirm, transfer, wait 1-3 business days to give away Eidiyas, so traditional banks had absolutely no leverage. Eid was about to be compromised, but as 92% of the Saudi population are smartphone users (Hootsuite) there was real opportunity to save this holiday with the stc pay application by repackaging the transfer experience.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

We wanted to achieve maximum results in a short amount of time and with a limited budget, to do so, we only used the channels which can serve a dual purpose. For example, through programmatic we could target 1st party data (stc pay users) through the display banners to aware them about the service whilst at the same time the campaign would be optimized to drive more clicks and eventually in-app activity. We also used learnings from previous campaigns which were targeting the same audience & focused on social channels that have previously been strong at driving actions which were Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The campaign ran for less than a week from the 22nd of May until the 27th, leveraging the time Saudis were most excited about Eidiya.

List the results (30% of vote)

We were able to keep spirits high during the Eid holiday, as consumers embraced the service as a new way to send Eidiyas: • In the first three days 350,000 Eidiya transfers were made. • Within 10 days we had over 408,200 app installs • And 34, 352, 804.64 SR (over 9 million USD) in cash transfers. Online, the response was overwhelmingly positive: • On Facebook & Instagram we reached record impressions: 3,315,030 Impressions, 843,648 people reached, 16,424 Clicks, 30,098 views with a 23% completion rate. • And great engagement on Twitter: 882,711 Impressions, 110,650 Views, 12,958 engagements. • And within the application (UAC) we achieved: 2,260,248 Impressions, 16,147 Clicks. (Source: stc pay data & media results)


Name Company Role
Chafic Haddad Wunderman Thompson KSA Executive Creative Director
Rayyan Aoun Wunderman Thompson KSA Executive Creative Director
Antra Patel Wunderman Thompson KSA Creative Director
Marc Baakliny Wunderman Thompson KSA Senior Art Director
Abeer Al Salem Wunderman Thompson KSA Senior Copywriter
Dana AlKutoubi Wunderman Thompson KSA Head of Strategic Planning
Dalal Kareem Wunderman Thompson KSA Strategic Planner
Joe Aboudaher Wunderman Thompson KSA Head Of TV Production-KSA
Jamil Ghrawi Wunderman Thompson KSA TV Producer
Jad Haddad  Wunderman Thompson KSA Business Director
Rabie Hassoun  Wunderman Thompson KSA Associate Business Director
Yara Sidani Wunderman Thompson KSA Account Manager
Abdulrahman N Alageel Saudi Telecom Company Marketing and Communication Director
Abdulaziz Alrediny Saudi Telecom Company Marcom Manager
Musaid Bin Khamees Saudi Telecom Company Senior marketing officer
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