2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceGOODY KITCHEN
CategoryUse of Social & Digital Platforms

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

We created a customer journey based on a strong insight: food posts are great to look at but you cannot eat them. Based on this, we created an online experience that led to offline action: delivery of the actual social media posts to people's houses for them to re-create the food on their own, complemented with TV and in-store material that inspired and facilitated the experience for those who missed the online part of the activation.


Goody is Saudi's most iconic food brand, being a staple of quality and creativity that our KSA audience has been used to for more than 50 years. To celebrate that milestone the brand introduced an innovative range of products (Goody Creations) that was targeting the growing Millennial foodies. Pasta with quinoa, Truffle mayo, apple-cinnamon peanut butter and many more were now talking to a new audience with new lifestyles and cooking needs. Naturally, social media provided the perfect playground for a launch. But, the problem is that when it comes to packaged goods, who use social channels as a means to create food inspiration, they sadly end up doing a free adversing job for the QSRs around. Think about it. Goody posts an incredible pasta dish made from their very own ingredients. You open a delivery app and find the dish nearest to what you saw, and order it.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

Goody Edible Posts turned virtual video recipes into actual cooking kits for Saudi foodies. Finally, the mouth-watering feeling of browsing food content had a resolution, allowing them to cook and eat the social post with no compromise. We started our campaign by engaging with 4 food influencers in KSA to turn our newly launched products into their wildest creations. We then invited their audience to follow their stories for an unexpected twist. Followers had to simply comment with the hashtag #createmoresharemore on the influencer’s live post and all the ingredients required to recreate the recipe step by step arrived at their doorstep.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

To date there are over half a billion food posts being shared on instagram alone. (#InstaFood 191,399,857 ,#FoodPorn 253,027,409) With food videos attracting almost 7 million hungry Saudi everyday. (Social Media Advertising Audiences in Saudi Arabia, 2019 Wearesocial) But as much as it is enjoying to watch your favorite influencers cooking, or enjoying delicious meals, as frustrating it is when you're left mouth-watering and wondering how would that taste like. Our approach was to change that and give our audience the chance to try the dishes they were seeing on their screens. And knowing that social media can influence purchase decisions by 71%, we decided to connect the moment of social consumption with the moment of trial, bypassing the long journey of awareness, consideration, evaluation, trial.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

We started our campaign by engaging with 4 food influencers in KSA to turn our newly launched products into their wildest creations. We then invited their audience to follow their stories for an unexpected twist. During the live streaming (instagram stories) of their cooking journey we asked people to post a comment with the hashtag #createmoresharemore for the chance to get that exact recipe that they've just seen, delivered to their door. The instagram post became an insta-box and packed with all the needed ingredients arrived onto their tables. The box: contained all the ingredients, step-by-step cooking instructions and a note from their favorite influencer.

List the results (30% of vote)

1 Million foodies reached +380K unique views of our branded content 250% higher engagement (comments, shares) vs. our competition's benchmark 80% more engaging vs. the influencers' own un-branded content. 60% increase in purchase intent for our new range of products


Name Company Role
Julian Hernandez Geometry MENA Executive Creative Director
Tomas Lavagno Geometry MENA Creative Director
Adrian Mutescu Geometry MENA Strategy Director
Elias W Bassil Geometry MENA Head of Strategy
Owais Faruq Geometry MENA Account Director
Maha ElHawari Geometry VMLYR COMMERCE Account Director
Tom Norton Geometry MENA Copywriting
Alaa Jazmati Geometry MENA Art Director
Sachi Eridiweera Geometry MENA Experiential Designer
Sandra Manzano Geometry MENA Graphic Designer
Nikhil Soman LIWA Edit and motion design
Varun Tanwar LIWA Account Manager
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