2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists



Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

This campaign managed to bring to life the brand's belief, protecting the people behind the engines as much as protecting the engines. It manifested in a live brand act that turned the stereotypical dusty car workshops into Hygene hubs. It tapped into one of medical's community most overlooked need and offered a them solution during the first months of the pandemic.


Castrol believes in protecting the people that are behind the engines, even more than in protecting engines. However, with the 2020 lockdown in place the number of people driving their cars was naturally reduced to a minimum. This has affected the whole auto-care category with service centers being opened, due to the local regulations, but totally empty. Digging into the data and the profile of the usual customers, we identified a sharp decline in visits from those ridding the essential rides - medical workers. Whilst many brands have been passively supporting frontliners through words of encouragement, there was another aspect of their lives that was overlooked. In the past few months with the fight against COVID-19, their focus and time had been dedicated to saving lives. In turn, many personal errands were being delayed. With 50% of frontline workers delaying their regular car check-ups.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

The Care for Caretakers platform was created, turning traditional service centers were into 'Hygiene Hubs'. In these Hygiene hubs, the staff went through intensive sanitation and care trainings and the space received the highest standards of hygiene and safety. From a destination worth skipping, our Castrol centers were now ready to welcome a segment of population that was driving more than ever. The essential workers now had a safe space where one of their unspoken needs was to be taken care of in a reassuring manner.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

The UAE is home to the highest number of medical professionals per capita in the world with more than 80K staff (DHA2019). To better understand the reasons for their delay we designed a simple yet effective method that helped us uncover the insight that stood at the heart of this campaign. Using the region’s biggest medical community on Facebook, UAE Medical Representatives Union, we crafted a quick survey aiming to better understand their daily driving routines. The answers were surprising and revealing. The vast majority delaying up to three months their car’s recurrent check-up. But perhaps more interesting was the reason for that delay: Though we assumed lack of time was the key barrier, it was their fear of contamination and hygiene worries related to the service centers. In the words of a nurse: “I’m worried that I’ll catch the virus and infect my patients. The car won't break now"

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

But that alone wasn’t enough since proximity to their commuting areas was a decisive factor in even considering a visit to the service center. And so, using CRM and location data, we crossed referenced the proximity of hospitals and clinics in the country with the location of a selected number of centers in order to prioritize accessibility and convenience. This in turn allowed the brand to be a seamless part of their everyday journeys with minimal communication efforts. Geo-fenced social media communication allowed for a direct invitation to a hygienic service check-up of their cars. In addition to that, we targeted the frontline workers using social media and reassured them of our hygiene standards. With this, ‘Care for Caretakers’ became the talk of the medical community. Their vehicles were serviced and sanitized, and free car checkups were provided to help keeping their cars safe during the first pandemic months.

List the results (30% of vote)

The Impact After two weeks: 2,000 mechanics took part in the initiative 100 workshops nationwide +30,000 doctors and health workers reached (40% of the total medical staff community in the UAE) +26 Million Social Media Views. Medical community reactions: Fantastic Initiative @DRAbdulSherif Great to see a brand talking to frontliners in a different way @DrMayaJ One less worry of my mind @UAENurse Shout out to @CatrolMiddleEast for a safe car check @MoManu Castrol + Taking care of health workers = amazing!!! @MDUmarNair


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Julian Hernandez Geometry MENA Executive Creative Director
Adrian Mutescu Geometry MENA Strategy Director
Zubair Tahir Geometry MENA Content Creation
Tomas Lavagno Geometry MENA Creative Director
Tom Norton Geometry MENA Copywriting
Owais Faruq Geometry MENA Account Director
Till Hohmann Geometry EMEA Chief Creative Officer
Elias W Bassil Geometry MENA Head of Strategy
Haifa Harfouche Geometry MENA Account Manager
Sandra Manzano Geometry MENA Graphic Designer