2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


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Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

Vacations in a Box gave people a new way to experience IKEA’s products. Using home items, we were able to give people a way to feel like they’re travelling. Our curated boxes inspired by international destinations included more than décor, but also recipes, music and movie suggestions along with things to do which helped people think of IKEA as more than just a furniture brand. Instead of simply venturing to IKEA to furnish their new place, we showed how some small, simple décor can be used to create a fun, affordable night in with a little imagination.


When COVID-19 caused a lockdown, people were forced to stay home. It was tough on everyone, but we at IKEA wanted to help make being stuck at home as comfortable as possible. We’ve always championed multi-functional spaces, so as people moved their entire lives inside, we could show them how their home could be their office, gym and more. So, we were tasked with showing people how all those things they could no longer do out in the world could be done at home whether that was work, working out, virtual happy hours or even travel.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

We created curated boxes of home décor inspired by top international destinations that gave people the chance to get a little taste of travel right at home. They were filled with everything from the plates, throw pillows, to vases and light fixtures that came together to bring the aesthetic of popular international cities, right to your home. In addition to décor, each box included an instruction booklet with recipes, movie and music playlists along with things to do like origami or traditional dances. So, even when people couldn’t leave their houses, with a little imagination they could set up a Parisian bistro in their balcony, or outback BBQ in their backyard.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

After months of lockdown, staying home wasn’t exactly fun for anyone. IKEA wanted to help people see that house they’ve been stuck in for months in a whole new light and show people how they could still love staying in. So, we tapped the mindset of travel-obsessed expats that make up over 85% of the UAE’s population. They love experiencing new cultures, trying new things and seeing the world and, for many expats, that’s exactly why they moved to UAE. So, while COVID made international travel impossible, we wanted to show expats how they could expand their world right at home.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

In the early days of the pandemic (March 2020) we began combing through IKEA website and worked with in-house interior designers to create our Vacations in a Box. By July 2020, we were able to put them in stores. To do this, we had to design and print unique boxes, pick the items for each and write the thorough instruction manual with recipes, movies, music and things to do. To launch it, we create limited-time set ups in-store showing exactly what you get in each box. Much like the normal bedroom or bathroom displays in IKEA, these demonstrated exactly how you could set up each Vacation in a Box to get that unique feeling of Paris or Tokyo right at home.

List the results (30% of vote)

Our Vacations in a Box were covered by major news outlets internationally, including Forbes, GQ, Esquire and earned 20,395,650 impressions. On Twitter alone, our boxes earned more than 805,000,000 impressions mainly from the US, almost half a world away. The earned PR coverage was worth more than $241,500 with a media spend of just $1,300 in the UAE. And as lockdowns eased, it was responsible for more than 2,000 unique visits to the store, all while people were still getting used to getting out of the house.


Name Company Role
Juggi Ramakrishnan Memac Ogilvy Dubai Chief Creative Officer
Youssef Gadallah Memac Ogilvy Dubai Creative Director
Irfan Ghani Memac Ogilvy Dubai Head of Design/Art Director
Katherine Handfelt Memac Ogilvy Dubai Copywriter
Maya El Kai Memac Ogilvy Dubai Copywriter
Mark Cruzem Memac Ogilvy Dubai Editor and Motion Design
Michael Marmito Memac Ogilvy Dubai Editor and Motion Design
Irfan Ghani Memac Ogilvy Dubai Design and Illustration
Rhoderick Ballesteros Memac Ogilvy Dubai Design and Illustration
Nada Selim Memac Ogilvy Dubai Design and Illustration
Tarek Bawab Memac Ogilvy Dubai Creative Services/Traffic
Regine Manalo Memac Ogilvy Dubai Creative Services/Traffic
Hadi Ballout Memac Ogilvy Dubai Managing Partner
Preeti Hothi-Ramakrishnan Memac Ogilvy Dubai Business Director
Alaa Nour Memac Ogilvy Dubai Senior Account Manager
Haya Dajani Memac Ogilvy Dubai Account Executive
Nour Safieh Memac Ogilvy Dubai Senior Social Media Account Manager
Stephanie Mukherjee Memac Ogilvy Dubai Senior Social Strategist
Carrol D'souza Memac Ogilvy Dubai Social Executive
Carla Klumpenaar Al Futtaim IKEA GM Marketing, Communication, HF and retail design
Amer Yaghi Al Futtaim IKEA Regional Marketing Manager
Noha Gheith Al Futtaim IKEA Regional Digital Marketing Specialist
Binita Chowdhury Al Futtaim IKEA PR & communication specialist