2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceRAJE3 YET3AMAR
CategoryNot-for-profit / Charity / Government

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

The brand in this project is Raje3 Yet3amar (based on the name of a popular Lebanese song that means It Will Get Rebuilt) which is the name of an instagram account that we created to help get donations for rebuilding Beirut after the explosion. This is a purely philanthropic effort with no association with our agency name nor any client. We find this project relevant for this category since we are doing an activation with its own brand to get people involved in rebuilding Beirut.


On August 4th an explosion destroyed Beirut. As an agency, we wanted to help. We did not want to take any credit nor show our name; we just wanted to get people to donate to the right people. As an advertising agency we wanted to advertise specific donation opportunities to a relevant audience. We wanted to raise money, but based on our social listening research there were 6,096 mentions of issues stopping people from donating to Lebanon: 1. Theft: They know that most of the money donated to Lebanon does not get to the people in need 2. Bias: All organizations are somewhat biased and politicized and they will only donate to the people of their party or sect 3. Utilization: Many people will use the donation for something other than damage repair 4. Delivery: It is almost impossible to get “fresh” dollars to the right people in Lebanon

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

Our creative idea was to advertise individuals in need to individuals with means. We owed it to ourselves as a Lebanese-owned digital advertising agency after the Beirut Explosion, to advertise the needs of individuals (in need) to people with means who are willing to contribute. We created ads in the form of promoted Instagram posts featuring real people (CLIENTS) who were affected by the explosion, and highlighted the damages (PRODUCT) they faced and the cost to fix such damages (PRICE). We then targeted those ads to the Lebanese diaspora (TARGET AUDIENCE).

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Our strategy was to re-invent the donation process; and create a peer-to-peer donation initiative on Instagram. An initiative whereby we highlight specific needs (in the form of explosion damages) amongst specific people in Lebanon along with the cost to fix them. We would then promote those individuals, their need and its cost to the Lebanese Diaspora around the world who are likely to want to help. If a donator was interested in a donatee; we would share with them the donatee information (full name and date of birth) and ask them to make a direct donation to the person in need through a Western Union money transfer. We would then share the transfer code with the person in need and ask them for one thing in return; to share a picture of the repaired damage.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

- We created an Instagram account named after a famous Lebanese song Raje3Yet3amar "it will get rebuilt" - Launched a campaign in Lebanon asking people who suffered damages to send us a picture of the damage and cost to fix it - For due diligence we hired a person to check the damage (where possible), request the person's ID, and get a supplier estimate - We made ads for each damage and highlighted the person, their need, and the area they live in - We promoted those ads targeting people interested in Lebanon who are living outside the country for donations - Interested donators would tell us the person they would like to donate for, and we would share their details for a direct Western Union transfer from Donator to Donatee - We then ask the donation recipients for an image of the fixed damage and we post it

List the results (30% of vote)

- Our ads reached 200,000 Lebanese individuals abroad through 1 million impressions - We attained 50,000 engagements - We received and vetted 50 requests for donations from real people in need - We closed all the requests by raising enough money to help all 50 families restore all 50 damages from the explosion, making a small difference in people's lives - We facilitated the transfer of US Dollars (a difficult currency to access in the country) from abroad through western union equivalent to more than 175 million Lebanese Liras today at a constantly fluctuating exchange rate


Name Company Role
Mher Krikorian Netizency Creative Director
Eman Itani Netizency Graphic Designer
Elise Maalouf Netizency Multimedia Designer
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