2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


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Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

Samsung was lacking in brand affinity with the youth, our one sided ads weren't cutting through. So instead of speaking at them, we invited them to join us in co-creating a campaign together. We created an original song that acted as a rally cry to all the creators. The song became a streaming hit, reaching the top 20 Khaleeji music charts on platforms such as Spotify. People heard us and actively participated, creating over 4000 pieces of unique content. Fan-voted content was featured in our music video, and even became the face of our ads throughout the campaign.


We needed to position our phones as the go to devices for Gen Z content creators. But they were rejecting our traditional one-sided ads. After all, they don’t care about ads – they care about content. And especially in these stressful times, they were turning their focus away from brands and shifting their energy into actively creating entertaining and fun content. So, we needed to find a way to reach them, be relevant to them, and stand out through all the clutter and all of the great content that was already out there, being enjoyed and engaged with. We needed to increase brand relevance and brand love, while testing out a new way of getting our audience to consider purchasing our Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, Note20, or A Series – devices that had everything that a content creator would want.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

The year's been tough. The initial impression was that people were going to hunker down, and just brace to get through it. But that was the wrong prediction. We decided to base our communication on the resilient spirit of creators, and partner with whom they love and engage with, Daffy and Flipparachi, celebrated local singers and artists. We paid tribute to those who weren’t gonna stop expressing themselves, not by making a traditional one-sided ad, but by creating AIN’T GONNA STOP, a song that they can enjoy and create with. It's a song that wasn’t just meant to be listened to, but to be built on by creators, as part of something bigger; a music video that they would all co-create. Through the song, this spirit of constant creation, and the ability of our devices to enable creation to happen, becomes evident, while highlighting various features of our different phones.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Everyone who shares a piece of themselves online, whether with constant updates, or an occasional post, or with one hit wonders, these are the content creators we wanted to talk to; primarily Gen-Zs who have something to say, or want a new way to say it. To show them that we knew what they need, we created a song that they would want to listen to, and also be the rallying cry to complete the next phase of the campaign, the co-creation of the music video. The song became a vehicle to deliver 7 challenges to listeners and viewers on music streaming and social media platforms, and our own landing page, through influencer-led how-to videos. With the submitted UGC, we re-engaged with viewers by selecting the fan favourites and rewarding them. We then created the music video, with amazing results, and short tactical product ads featuring the UGC as well.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

On a 2 months timeline, after a brief teaser announcement, we first released the Ain't Gonna Stop song on music streaming platform (Spotify, Anghami, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Shazam), and a song lyrics video on our own channels using our brand campaign's impressive visual identity. Through the artists' and the brand's invite videos (on our own social channels, the artists' and YouTube) and display banners (Anghami, HPTO, Spotify, Precision and Samsung Members platforms), we kicked off the co-creation challenge. Influencer-led how-to videos introduced the 7 challenges (Zoom-in, Moves, Colours, Inspirations, Worlds, Extending, Timelapse). These were placed on the campaign landing page, and were also placed on the influencers' pages, and our own through vertically led channels. The resulting 4K+ submitted UGC, and 30K Tiktok created videos were voted on through Twitter and Insta Polls. The music video, using UGC, achieved over 6.6 millions views on Youtube in 2 weeks.

List the results (30% of vote)

The campaign over performed across all metrics in Social Media, HTC in TikTok and Search. The song unexpectedly reached the Top 20 Khaleeji Hits chart on Spotify. 6.6 million views for the Ain't Gonna Stop music video 16x increase in viewership from the previous year's campaign. Over 30,000 unique creations were submitted. 72 million views of Tiktok HTC Challenge Video 10% Brand Uplift 12x increase in engagement rate. 38% increase in CTR from previous campaign. Website traffic increased by 8% Purchase intent increased by 41% Average time spent on website increased by 63% The campaign attracted 2x competitor device owners than previous campaigns 3x increase in Gen-Z Visits to the website 11% increase in Female visitors


Name Company Role
Ramzi Ibrahim Cheil MEA Creative Director
James Tan Cheil MEA Copywriter
Santosh Singh Cheil MEA Production Manager
Mark Pinga Cheil MEA Editor and Animator
Raymond Argosino Cheil MEA Designer and Art Director
Tyler Yeom Cheil MEA Associate Account Director / Project Manager
Woo Hyun Park Cheil MEA Group Director
Ali Ahmed Samsung Gulf Electronics Head of Mobile Marketing
Esra Olcay Samsung Gulf Electronics Senior Marketing Manager
Öznur Demir Samsung Gulf Electronics Marketing Manager
Shabahang Bakhtiari Samsung Gulf Electronics Marketing Manager
Aakriti Goel Cheil MEA Strategy & Data Director
Jagal Gopinath Cheil MEA Senior Digital Art Director
Stefania Luque Diaz Cheil MEA Animator and Editor
Souchitra Sarkar Cheil MEA Art Director
Basma Choucri Cheil MEA Designer
Baher Raouf Cheil MEA Associate Creative Director
Hussein Kaddaha Cheil MEA Arabic Copywriter
Irene Philip Cheil MEA Copywriter
Anete Thomas Cheil MEA Copywriter
Sajeesh Kumar Cheil MEA Digital Designer
Mohammed Sala Veeran Cheil MEA Digital Designer
Tamara Al Masri Cheil MEA Account Manager / Project Manager
Senna Hazem Cheil MEA Digital Account Manager
Hadeel Mohammed Cheil MEA Senior Social Media Executive
Reem Abutalib Cheil MEA Account Executive
Nada Naji Cheil MEA Senior Digital Executive
Sennakesavan Ramakrishnan Cheil MEA Senior Web Developer
Lois Johnson Cheil MEA Web Developer
Sarah Nabil Outlaw Productions Producer
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