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Product/ServiceFIAT 500
CategoryTouchpoint Technology & Tech-led Brand Experience

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

FIAT FRIDAY - Online Vehicle Shopping with a digital first mindset for our consumer did not exist. It became quickly apparent that brands had to find agile ways to create new journeys. This gap in experience touchpoints, which became more pronounced during COVID - drove us to think of experience platforms as a solution; totally powered by digital technology to drive scalability, impact process and brand for customer connectivity. Targeting Digital & Commerce natives, along with newly minted digital shoppers, we connected with under 35a, interested in lifestyle, educated, single, career driven and won with Fiat Friday.


Changing Dynamics •With COVID Rapidly changing customer behavior it became quickly apparent that brands had to find agile ways to create new journeys to stay relevant to these changing behaviors •Traditionally the automotive industry has been one that relies heavily on showroom experiences as a key consumer touchpoint used to seal the deal •However, with more than half of all consumers surveyed had been too concerned to leave the house, even for essentials, showrooms had quickly become an irrelevant part of the customer experience •This was apparent when showroom traffic had been quickly dissipating, with an 89% drop •However an opportunity presented itself – in parallel to these falling numbers eCommerce sales across other categories had been surging from 5 Billion in 2015, 2020 was to end the year with an estimated 22 Billion in online sales within the GCC.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

The first ever White Friday Vehicle Sale online during the biggest commerce day of the year, fully digitizing a previously offline experience. •The opportunity, the largest eCommerce day of the year… White Friday •White Friday, the moment in the year, where consumers expect discounts and saving on a wide range of deals and low prices on top brands. •And with consumers shopping digitally, we decided to reformulate the auto industry consumer journey by creating the first ever online White Friday event with real time booking in a live online inventory listing. •Fiat ME wanted to liquidate the 2020 aging stock, taking over this marketing moment, and offering the best Digital experience in the region by putting Fiat at the center of the event •Online booking, video conferencing, Walk arounds & payments - all online all digitized end to end

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Targeting Digital & Commerce natives, along with newly minted digital shoppers that had been influenced by COVID - we reached our core audience and relevant extensions of Females under 35, interested in lifestyle, educated, single, Career women. Our entire experience was developed around new dynamics linked to the increased use of video conferencing platforms and online shopping during COVID - digitizing every aspect of a once offline experience. •Our activation would assess the online selling and real-time presence for Stellantis Brands in the region based on ( Market readiness, operational workflows and manpower, offers, and tech selection) •The entire platform was conceptualized – designed –Developed – deployed in only 5 weeks (creative – tech selection - build - training - go live) •And executed through creating online connections only over a 3 day period •Across Saudi Arabia and The UAE, we utilized a bespoke platform which digitized the entire sales

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

•A 3 pronged approach Leveraging marketing automation across social channels , task creation for the sales team and emailers to create a guided approach to prospecting, driving consideration and ultimately selling Tech: •Utilizing a bespoke platform as the engine for the entire experience, digital experiences, video concierge services, sales management and commerce had all been at our customers and sales team’s fingertips Commerce: •We built also built commerce capabilities to manage inventory directly within the platform greatly simplifying and assigning the right vehicle details with the right customer record. And allowing dealers to manage their own inventory. Experience: •Sales agents used the platform so that they could quickly respond to customers request by having: a Full view of customer details and vehicle Scale •This was deployed across 2 of the largest markets in the region: Saudi Arabia and The UAE, fully scalable through digital

List the results (30% of vote)

The Results: How did it go? The results speak for themselves: A 58% qualification rate, crushing our average of 41% 40% converted entirely online – end to end – digitizing a once brick and mortar centric journey A staggering 83% of units sold over just 3 days… Putting Fiat over the top when it came to their monthly sales target. A new way to connect, creating relevant customer centric journeys in a time where agility counted for everything… Not only the customers loved it… but our sales team did too: A staggering 100% of the sales team surveyed said this should become a staple for moment marketing through the use to technology and digital channels.


Name Company Role
Ahssan Ishaq Stellantis One Powered by Digitas Technology Director
Eric Raffoul Stellantis One Powered by Digitas Senior Manager - Customer Experience
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