2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
CategorySocial Business & Commerce
Idea Creation HABBAR Dammam, SAUDI ARABIA
Additional Company ANOOSH Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA


Anoosh Chocolate is known for making the best cookies in Saudi Arabia. With word of mouth and a world-class cookie recipe, it took its place as the destination for cookie lovers, but that didn’t last long. Golden Brown, a new cookie brand started gaining market share by using the one thing Anoosh didn’t, influencers! Since quality was not something this new rival enjoys, they heavily used influencers to promote and spread the news, it was up to a limit where they used almost every influencer in Saudi, until people started saying “you’re not an influencer if you didn’t promote Golden Brown”. We needed to remind people of Anoosh cookies and put it back on the map.

Describe the strategy

We found two loopholes, one: Golden Brown Cookies are not really cookies! It uses brownie mix and didn’t look like cookies at all. Two: Although sales were going well, people hated the heavy use of influencers. Out target audience were everyone that is exposed to social media influencers, especially those affected by Golden Brown strategy.

Describe the execution

We decided to remind people what real cookies look like, using the competitor’s weapon against them. We used influencers but not really used them! By using lookalikes of three iconic influencers to be featured in our campaign using their unique style, showing as if they were making a video for SilverFrown, a brand we came up with to shade GoldenBrown, and after they're done advertising, we made them take out an Anoosh cookies box and start eating to say at the end “There are two types of cookies, the one influencers promote and the one they eat”!

List the results

The campaign went viral, with over 6.2 million views, sales went up 100%.. And on Cookies Day the hashtag #realcookies became number 1 trending on Saudi twitter as 40,000 people visited Anoosh stores in less than 12 hours! Anoosh was on top of the list once again positioning itself as the destination for #TheRealCookies lovers.


Name Company Role
Hassan Ansari Habbar Advertising Company Conceptualizer and Team Leader
Maryam Al Rajeh Habbar Advertising Company Brainstorming
Hasan Mahmoud Habbar Advertising Company Visual Designs
Esra'a Al Ghonaim Habbar Advertising Company Conceptualizer
Anas Al Hamdan Habbar Advertising Company Time and Workflow Management
Faisal Al Omar Habbar Advertising Company Client Management
Abdulrahman Al Suwiyan Habbar Advertising Company Project Supervision
Abadi Mansour Pilcrow Creative Studios Executive Producer
Ayoub Badea Independent Control and Scheduling
George Ghaya Independent Producer
Al Shaymaa Abdullah Independent Line Producer
Abdulrahman Al Faris Independent Production Manager
Rawia - Pilcrow Production Coordinator
Abdullah Al Atas Independent Director of Photography
EQ Rental EQ Rental Equipment Rental House
Deimes Kabalan Independent Production Designer
Ibrahim Al Deenah Independent Art Director
Abeer Al Ghamdi Independent Wardrobe Stylist
Dalin Abdulellah Independent Makeup Artist
Osamah Al Mouebed Independent Cast Manager
Rakan Al Sheikh Independent Location Manager
Hani - Independent Sound Operator
Pilcrow - Pilcrow Production House
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