2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
Product/ServiceMC WRAP
CategoryIntegrated Campaign Led by Digital
Idea Creation TRIBAL WORLDWIDE Casablanca, MOROCCO
Media Placement TRIBAL WORLDWIDE Casablanca, MOROCCO
Media Placement 2 OMD Casablanca, MOROCCO
Production STA7 Casablanca, MOROCCO


Brief McDonald’s wanted to recruit a younger demographic and decided to launch the Big McWrap and a new "category" to that effect. Objectives : - Install a new category within McDonald's Morocco's offers in 2019 whose critical mission is to conquer the 2nd most important Need state in the Moroccan market: Affordable & Filling Meal - Retention and Consolidation of two vital segments for the brand: Teens (16-17) and Young Adults (18-24). This involves a strategy of share stealing of a category that is developing very rapidly in this Need state: French Tacos. Awareness: The Grand McWrap is distinctive in its image from the brand's flagship product (the burger). It is therefore vital to rapidly achieve strong brand awareness upon launch while ensuring an instant association with the brand. Sales: 1M units of the Grand McWrap by December 2019

Describe the strategy

Target audience : Core target: 18-24 year olds; for whom adolescence is "fading away" and adulthood has not really begun yet (students, first-job seekers, or first jobbers); they are looking for good deals and smart solutions that take into account their rather short budgets. Our campaign was ready to be launched when a cultural event of epic proportions took place: Don Bigg, one of the most famous rappers, released « 170kg », a single clashing the whole rap scene. All the attention of our audience was focused on this diss, leaving us with a huge problem: our campaign would go completely unnoticed. Strategy We decided to join the conversation and answer the rap scene with our own track; in order to be noticed by our audience and redirect the attention towards the Big McWrap’s launch.

Describe the execution

Execution: We collaborated with « El Grande Toto », a rising moroccan rap artist and launched « Jme3 O Twi », a rap track written, recorded and aired in 72h JME3 O TWI literally means « Wrap it up » in reference to the Big McWrap, we used this common moroccan expression as an invitation to end the clash. We also created a dance inspired by the wrapping gesture, and invited the community to try it through McDonald’s page and El Grande Toto’s instagram account. Timeline: - 12/23/2018 : Release of Don Bigg track "170"kg - 12/26/2018 : Release of audio track "Jme3 O Twi" - 12/27/2018 : launch of dance challenge - 01/02/2019 : Launch of the whole campaign (Radio, outdoor, online video) promoting the Big McWrap - 03/10/2019 : invitation of the participants to co create music video with the artist - 04/13/2019 : Release of the music

List the results

Results: The track and the challenge generated together more than 420 million impressions.
Views (accross all content and platforms ): 16.9 million views
Engagement : More than 1.2 Million interactions across all platforms (Facebook, Instagram ) the Big McWrap alone contributed to 76% of McDonald’s sales growth. Brand loyalty +15 pts Brand endorsement + 13pts market shares + 3pts


Name Company Role
Hamza Alami Tribal DDB Casablanca Creative idea
Social Media URL