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Product/ServiceEXPO DUBAI
Additional Company 2 STARCOM Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

We are the Global PR agency of record for Expo 2020 Dubai – The World’s Greatest Show of human brilliance and achievement. To generate global interest in the event, we created conversations that enabled us to broaden Expo’s narrative by looking at the future and inspiring solutions towards world challenges through a worldwide optimism survey. Our survey results featured in an integrated PR campaign across. 23 markets and in 12 languages that extended beyond general news outlets into lifestyle, tech and more consumer-friendly publications.


Shifting brand positioning ahead of its year-out milestone, Expo wanted to be seen as a global event with universal appeal - a step-change in the narrative against a backdrop of limited programming, lack of global ‘call to action’ and significant reputational challenges, as well as that of the UAE: 1. Expo as a B2B ‘trade fair’ only 2. Misconceptions of the UAE 3. Global uncertainty about the future We needed to create a campaign that would give Expo a legitimate voice in global conversations on the future and a platform to drive meaningful dialogue and pave the way for a message of optimism through global collaboration. Objectives: create a purpose-driven campaign, delivered in a fun, conversational way. Connect people from around the world during a time of uncertainty. Drive awareness and curiosity about the Expo offering to potential visitors ahead of its one year to go milestone.

Describe the creative idea

We surveyed more than 20,000 people across 23 markets around the world, on a list of important and divisive issues. Questions such as: how optimistic do you feel about your nation’s future? What would you like to see achieved in the next 50 years? allowed us to understand what is important to a broad range of geographies and demographics, and what solutions people are hopeful to see. We developed a multi-faceted campaign that would live beyond the initial launch moment to become an ongoing narrative thread around global optimism. As the first-ever Global Optimism Survey, in partnership with YouGov, the research allowed us to compare views and beliefs, and reveal tangible ways by which the world can come together and drive creative solutions to world problems. A robust whitespace audit ahead of question development ensured a unique approach, with earned conversations and consumer sentiment at the heart of our mechanic.

Describe the strategy

Global optimism is dependent on our ability to form social connections. But headlines show that our world is arguably more divided than ever. Border walls. Brexit. Protests. We are witnessing a layer of tribalism in politics, culture and nationalism. This has an impact on how we feel about the future. Division is linked to pessimism. The world needs more social connections than ever before. Bringing together 192 nations and aligned to an ambitious vision of connecting people; inspiring solutions towards a better future is at the core of Expo’s purpose. We should be proud of how far we have come. Primary target: raising awareness among varied target groups - families, individuals, couples, children. Secondary: B2B engagement via Expo’s official partners. Assets: localised market releases, infographics, video, social animations, executive summary, dedicated landing-page linked to results and case studies, web stories. Distribution: media; Expo-own channels - twitter, LinkedIn, website, employees, partners.

Describe the execution

We led with one overarching story, creating a news release that covered the full survey and report summaries under the umbrella of Expo’s subthemes: Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability. Combined with multi-format content across owned channels, we offered rich content to media audiences. Results differed across 23 countries, so bespoke pitches were developed for maximum impact. Stories focused on what mattered to that market, translated into a myriad of languages, each with a personalised infographic. Timeline: 8-weeks from approval, survey-fielding, content development to rollout. Our overarching message to the world: global populations are unified in a mission for a more collaborative, inclusive, clean and stable planet. Supported by social content, graphics, landing page on Expo’s website dedicated to Global Optimism with case studies and videos. Communicating a diverse topic range to varied audiences – from single-use plastics, to hover-boards and space travel – required digestible content and a conversational tone.

List the results

Results showed the world was far more optimistic about its future than the global news agenda might suggest. Media push in 23 markets resulted in: • 600+ pieces of coverage (first week alone) • 20 broadcast pieces • Estimated 1.27 billion reach • Coverage spanning 30 countries • 100% message penetration, with narratives often printed verbatim • Neutral to positive tone Online engagement of assets across Expo-own channels saw a traffic uplift of 79%, a total of 1,058 engagements in varied languages. 60% of engagements were positive, with an overall OTS of 39million. The landing page saw 18,329 views and interest rose by 90% - many stayed on to explore subsequent pages and case studies.


Name Company Role
Juggi Ramakrishnan Memac Ogilvy Dubai CCO
Youssef Gadallah / Juggi Ramakrishnan Memac Ogilvy Dubai Creative Director
Ravi Eshwar / Juggi Ramakrishnan Memac Ogilvy Dubai Copywriter
Maya ElKai / Rana Khairy / Youssef Gadallah Memac Ogilvy Dubai Copywriter
Irfan Ghani / Andre Souza / Tariq Hussein / Shamim Ansari / Youssef Gadallah Memac Ogilvy Dubai Art Director
Tarek Shawki / Hadi Ballout / Amy ElAskary / Maryam Habib / Nicolas Sabanegh Memac Ogilvy Dubai Account Management
Andreea Mititiuc / Luke Morris / Anju Purushot Memac Ogilvy Dubai Production
Jennifer Fischer / Dominic Sullivan Memac Ogilvy Dubai Strategy
Ali Azarmi Joy Films Dubai Production
Nima Safari Joy Films Dubai Production
David Holm / James F. Coton Freelance Production
Abdulla Al Kaabi Freelance Production
Nick Pezzillo / Souheil Zahreddine Freelance / BeyondPost Production
UPP & JJ Agency UPP & JJ Agency Production
Mango Jam Dubai Mango Jam Dubai Production
Sarah Edwards Memac Ogilvy PR Account Management
Joe Lipscombe Memac Ogilvy PR Account Management
Kassandra Panagiotopoulos Memac Ogilvy PR Account Management
Tara Mullins Memac Ogilvy PR Account Management
Jennifer Gusikoff Memac Ogilvy PR Account Management
Rania Moussly Asda'a BCW (MENA) Account Management
Dr. Tarek Oliveira Shayya Expo 2020 Dubai Account Management
David Bishop Expo 2020 Dubai Account Management
Joon Hyung Park Expo 2020 Dubai Account Management
Jasvinder Notra YouGov Research
Anthony Ward Expo 2020 Dubai Account Management
Douglas Palau Expo 2020 Dubai Account Management