2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists



Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

MOBILISING OUR CAMPAIGN ACROSS multiple offline and online channels to drive not only conversation but create conversation, these channels surpassed the traditional, leveraging every owned channel available to Pizza Hut from in-store collaterals, packaging, out-of-home media, digital advertising social content and also for the first time using TikTok as an innovative new media platform. The result is a campaign that truly drove participation amongst a digital and socially savvy consumer audience.


No one knows better than Pizza Hut that pizza is the ultimate party food. In a region where bigger is always better, in 2019 Pizza Hut launched a metre-long ‘Limo’ pizza, the perfect meal for a sharing Pizza Party occasion. In 2020 the ‘Limo’ was back thanks to unprecedented consumer demand, and we wanted to make sure our pizza fans had something that was worth the wait. Pizza Hut upped the ante by taking the ‘Limo’ to even greater dimensions. What do you get when you cross one metre of pizza with 3 sides and 3 dips all in one box? A party in a box. When you roll out the Super Limo, you roll out the pizza party. An innovative product deserved a INNOVATIVE CAMPAIGN IDEA that not only surpassed the previous sales targets but captured the hearts of our audience, creating true audience participation and cultural connection.

Describe the creative idea

With the help of some of the Middle East’s most eminent hip-hop artists, we penned our very own theme song fusing English and Arabic dialects in one culturally diverse soundtrack to leave a memorable and catchy tune in the minds of our target audience. We didn’t stop there, with such a catchy beat, our tune was crying out for a signature dance to accompany it. Our regional celebrity Tareq Al Harbi performed and choreographed the Super Limo dance, providing our audience with even more ways to roll out the party across the GCC.

Describe the strategy

How do you talk to the youth of 6 markets with different dialects and get them to unanimously join the party? By building so much hype that FOMO would lead them to participate. Music is a passion point for the region. To truly embrace this music sat at the heart of our campaign idea. We further leveraged a mobile first approach, every piece of content in their hands, and on their device. From social content and competitions, to Tik Tok dance challenges and in store activations – wherever our audience were, so was the Super Limo. Across markets, we created content that was actively shared. Each channel was integrated, all our content drove to our ordering site where a page takeover themed the Super Limo journey . Our influencers spread the message tagging us in content and on Facebook our community managers engaged with all of our excited fans.

Describe the execution

Creating a catchy hip hop tune with a fusion of local dialects we partnered with Tareq Al Harbi, to choreograph some signature exclusive dance moves for the campaign. For our video content, the centre of the action was, of course, in the Limo itself, where our Arabic hip hop crew brought to life the party. Creating and owning our own hashtag across social and Tik Tok we rolled out the party with the #SuperLimoDanceOff and invited our audience to show us their Super Limo moves. We gave them chance to upload their video with our hashtag for a chance to win Pizza Hut vouchers. Plus, all the best dance videos were then featured on our Pizza Hut page.

List the results

Over 150 stores across UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar launched the product. The campaign resulted in an amazing rise in sales, selling over 100,000 Super Limos and Limos in just a 7-week campaign period. Super Limo contributed to, on average, 20% of Pizza Hut Sales Mix and led to a total of 3.3M impressions across Facebook, with 32,000 fans then engaging with our content. The biggest reaction came from Tik Tok, our Super Limo dance off was an instant hit, gathering more than 30M views in less than one week, with hundreds of people sharing their performances on the platform. Turning the soundtrack into one of the region’s top trends. We also hit our goal of 1.5M views in about 8 hours, faster than the expected 5 days! With over 1.7M views of our films online, we truly rolled out a pizza party craze that has swept the region.


Name Company Role
Ryan Reed M&C Saatchi Creative
Ramzy Haddad M&C Saatchi Creative
Ben Lees M&C Saatchi Creative
Hani Douaji M&C Saatchi Creative
James Swift M&C Saatchi Creative
Saad Yunus M&C Saatchi Production
Ramesh Vasudevan M&C Saatchi Studio
Natalie Cooke M&C Saatchi Strategy
Caroline Wylie M&C Saatchi Client Servicing
Sara Kader M&C Saatchi Client Servicing
Mitch Williams M&C Saatchi Social
Merrihan Al Shazly M&C Saatchi Social
Ahmed Taha M&C Saatchi Social
Anoop Ashok M&C Saatchi Designer
Hanna El Amrawi Pizza Hut Client/Regional Brand Manager, Social
Gaurav Sinha Pizza Hut Client/Head Marketing ,GCC Markets
Pankaj Batra Pizza Hut Client/Chief Brand Officer Middle East, Turkey and Africa
Phil Cusack Pizza Hut Client/Regional Director Food Innovation & Technology
Faisal Contractor Pizza Hut Client/ Digital Marketing Lead  
Manasvi Gosalia Deja Vu Production
Sai de Villeres Mindshare Media
Jair Carlo Sanchez Mindshare Media
Neelofer Sheikh Mindshare Media
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