2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists



Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

Mobilising multiple offline and online channels to drive not only conversation but create conversation, these channels surpassed the traditional, leveraging every owned channel available to Pizza Hut from in-store collaterals, packaging, out-of-home media, digital advertising and social content. From packaging design, OOH media and through to social competitions, this campaign created conversation and engagement, driving footfall to stores and online sales through various aggregators and Pizza Hut’s own platforms.


In an “ALWAYS ON” value driven QSR category, our task was to launch a new value meal concept for Pizza Hut, namely “My Box”, consisting of a single small pizza and a choice of ANY 2 x sides (out of possible 4) at an attractive price of 30 AED. This product for the first time aimed to steal market share and compete alongside other “box meal” competitors – for example Burger King and KFC, where a value meal has a similar price point. Our business objectives were to drive sales through the development of a strong campaign proposition, that would build both relevance and resonance in the marketplace.

Describe the creative idea

Pizza Hut’s personalized Pizza Meal Box made for you, and only you. Our campaign kicked off with a series of online films intended to truly turn heads and dramatize how personal preference really does matter when it comes to food! We then created a fully integrated social series of content to carry on the conversation and help to position My Box as the world’s ultimate unshareable pizza combo. Once the conversation had started, to amplify our symbol of self-indulgence, we created Meal Conceal 3000 – a limited edition packaging - a camouflaged cover to mask your My Box. Our social work was supported by in-store materials at point of sale, a series of OOH media and ensuring that our owned assets also communicated the deal. Our targeted digital banner placements followed a similar message and opened a new day part for online ordering of pizza – the office lunch crowd!

Describe the strategy

Pizza is a sharing occasion, our younger sociable audience tend to eat together as groups of friends, often over movie night, tv time, game nights and just hanging out. However, they also know what they like and they are not prepared to compromise on mealtime enjoyment. There is nothing worse than having to hurriedly reach over and grab your favourite before someone else does. Our campaign and its innovative product made Pizza Hut Delivery top of mind when it comes to individual value for group gatherings with friends. We chose channels where content could be served up, in the way they like to consume it, digestible and on the go – always mobile first. To truly get them talking we leveraged social competitions and humorous Insta stories to spark a debate about their personal preferences and them drive to order.

Describe the execution

WE DRAMATISED THE UNSHAREABLE NATURE of My Box through hero films demonstrating just how much things can go wrong if you do not get your personal meal preference. The films also showcased the huge variety of possible combinations that are possible with My Box. We swapped heads not only in our film but highlighting a range of different personalities through our OOH, in-store and social content. We then created a limited edition of packaging covers and a retro-style product commercial for our social audience. Since sport is a key talking point in the region, we also leveraged the ICC World Cup event to theme our content driving relevance within our core audiences. By doing this, we not only tapped into the sports trend, we built brand talk-ability on social by creating a series of posts highlighting the ICC games while also relating it to the My Box product.

List the results

WE TOTALLY EXCEEDED OUR EXPECTATIONS - We sold over 250,000 My Box’s across our campaign period meaning that My Box contributed over 5% of the total sales mix and has since become a permanent layer on the Pizza Hut Menu. Our meal conceal 3000 video reached over 690,000 Facebook fans across the GCC, with over 42,000 engagements and 500 fans entering our competition giving them an opportunity to own one of the limited editions covers. Our social film content also exceeded previous VTR benchmarks for both Facebook and YouTube across all markets.


Name Company Role
Ryan Reed M&C Saatchi Creative
Ramzy Haddad M&C Saatchi Creative
Ben Lees M&C Saatchi Creative
Jed Dawson M&C Saatchi Creative
James Swift M&C Saatchi Creative
Saad Yunus M&C Saatchi Production
Antony Stearns M&C Saatchi Strategy
Natalie Cooke M&C Saatchi Strategy
Liesl Reed M&C Saatchi Client Servicing
Sara Kader M&C Saatchi Client Servicing
Mitch Williams M&C Saatchi Social
Merrihan Al Shazly M&C Saatchi Social
Ahmed Taha M&C Saatchi Social
Ramesh Vasudevan M&C Saatchi Studio
Anoop Ashok M&C Saatchi Designer
Manasvi Gosalia Deja Vu Production
Hanna El Amrawi Pizza Hut Client/Regional Brand Manager, Social
Gaurav Sinha Pizza Hut Client/Head Marketing ,GCC Markets
Pankaj Batra Pizza Hut Client/Chief Brand Officer Middle East, Turkey and Africa
Phil Cusack Pizza Hut Client/Regional Director Food Innovation & Technology
Faisal Contractor Pizza Hut Client/ Digital Marketing Lead  
Sai de Villeres Mindshare Media
Jair Carlo Sanchez Mindshare Media
Neelofer Sheikh Mindshare Media
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