2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceBUSINESS HUB
Idea Creation MOUNTAIN VIEW Cairo, EGYPT
Additional Company LUNAR JETMAN Cairo, EGYPT
Additional Company 2 PARAMOUNT MEDIA Cairo, EGYPT
Additional Company 4 SD WORKS Cairo, EGYPT
Additional Company 5 MENTION Cairo, EGYPT

Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

This campaign is relevant to integrated due to its strategy and communication channels used. During this campaign there was a strategy of relating things together as the audience should listen to something on the radio, see something in the street, and then see something digitally. A huge part of our communication was unbranded in order to generate the word of mouth in the market through radio topics on 4 main channels, viral memes on social platforms, influencers usage, and experiential marketing. Such campaign was capable to transform the Egyptian Commercial market and add new words in the Egyptian offices dictionary.


Mountain View, an established brand in residential real estate, would be a new entrant to the offices / commercial real estate market with no portfolio in this sector. The market traditionally competes over per meter prices and the location of the office building or business park. To create a new market space in the offices sector which focuses on the happiness and well-being aspects of community building and architecture, leveraging our brand’s long-time focus on these aspects, and our partnership with Delivering Happiness™ and CallisonRTKL applying the science of happiness and design in development. - Uncovering the market gap, and creating the demand for happier work spaces - Leveraging our own happy HQs to showcase the impact of happiness on productivity, turnover and business growth - Launch Heartwork as a regional pioneer in this arena by sharing knowledge and expertise through a relevant and unique brand persona

Describe the creative idea

Happiness was not associated with work in Egyptian culture. As a new entrant to the office market with a unique proposition: Happier employees = more sales, we needed to get past the sarcasm and establish this link. Mountain View has happiness and innovation embedded in its mission statement. We were ready to enter new markets and claim a new marketspace through Heartwork, but we needed to explain the science behind happiness in office design. With Cairo’s urban sprawl and economic growth, corporations and startups were booming. Heartwork decided to additionally target smaller companies and startups, who would be attracted to happy, flexible, and expandable workspaces The desired outcome was a shift in perspective turning happiness to a market demand. The goal was for Heartwork to stand out from the competition over price and location and to be launched as an answer to the everyday woes of both employers and employees.

Describe the strategy

Our target audience in the beginning was employers and employees in order to create the urge of happy offices in the Egyptian market, using 2 perspectives which were happiness to the employees and profitability to the employers. We integrated all our communication channels to trigger some hidden feelings within the people, and we made sure to make it unbranded that people could believe it. After creating the buzz and launching out product satisfying the urge created people would accept the new concept in the market

Describe the execution

Phase 1 Starting by triggering an urge for happy work places, by simply pointing out the fun aspects found in offices and how international firms are applying it. We used radio, and digital channels to push the unbranded material. Phase 2 We clarified the aspects of happiness by providing a solid ground of the scientific foundations provided by our partners: Delivering Happiness. To show that happiness is made based on a science and not haphazardly. Transition Tackling the gap in the market through a multitude of platforms we became the first to link happiness with work.Stressing on specific terms, word associations was a key factor. Phase 3 &4 We broadened our buzz by opening our doors to museum-like tours, and branded awareness content about Mountain View's first happy HQ, Launching Heartwork was the last phase.

List the results

Despite aggressive competition in New Cairo, a wait-list of clients has built up after Phase 1 of Heartwork sold out. Our branded and then unbranded comic content viralled, and as planned carrying the experience of our offices to the audience made it all more tangible. Employers large and small expressed their gratitude for the refreshing prospect of a place that employees would happily associate with and bring their whole minds and souls to work at. The campaign was successful at introducing “Happiness” to the narrative of commercial real estate, evidenced by the campaign’s ripple out effect. Employers’ and media refocused their attention to a new way of seeing work and workspaces beyond our planned and paid channels.


Name Company Role
Sherif El Madany Mountain View Brand Owner
Sherif Saleh Mountain View Marketing Head
Ahmed El Kady Mountain View Digital Manager
Christine Naguib Mountain View Digital marketing sector manager
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