2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
Product/ServiceWOMEN RIGHTS
Media Placement PUBLICIS MEDIA Amman, JORDAN

Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

In a country where women constitute roughly half the population yet do not have an equal voice, we aimed to allow women to drive the conversation against physical abuse and trigger instant reactions from people to denounce the atrocities that are done to the women of Jordan; way too often. By getting women to adopt the cause on different platforms, each carrying the same message in its own unique way. Women were heard amongst the rest of the population, through a campaign inspired by a woman, voiced by women to give women justice they could not see or speak about.


Only in Jordan, 6 out of 10 women are subdued to physical violence every year. Fatima, a Jordanian mother of three, had to endure an unthinkable tragedy. Her abusive husband, who had been torturing her for years, took his abuse to an unheard level when he literally gouged her eyes out in front of her children. He left her blind and irreversibly damaged. And to make matters worse she can do very little about this due to social and legal injustices. We wanted to break the silence by creating an honest conversation around the topic and empowering women, for the first time, to speak up against the injustices.

Describe the creative idea

The letter ع “Ein” means Eye in Arabic, which is also found in the Arabic word “Adalah” عدالة meaning Justice. So if society won’t give justice to Fatima for losing her eyes. We decided to take out the “Eins” (Eyes) of justice ourselves. And thus, the word 'Adalah' when missing the letter “Ein” would be meaningless, or better yet 'eye'-less. Our message was clear: Until women see justice with their own eyes, the “I” of justice and society shall be taken out.

Describe the strategy

Our strategy was to fight injustice and oppressions and to unite women's shared values in order speak with one voice. A voice that demands dignity and equal rights, through a justice system that can ensure their rights. Being at the core of the abuse, we decided to give them a platform to speak up, to challenge and demand what is equally theirs. We collaborated with leading women in society and female influencers to disseminate the message. Allowing us to strengthen our base to then ensure a strong ripple effect. In an act of protest these women took it upon themselves to remove the different i's in society, resembling their inability to see justice with their own eyes.

Describe the execution

We launched a video across the nation, reminding people of the different virtues women stand for in society. Supported by Outdoors and Social Media, the campaign quickly turned into an act of empowerment, where women across the country started taking out the 'Eins' (Eyes) of society. Using Augmented Reality, even the beautifully painted walls of the country took a stand whenever someone pointed their cameras on them. Leaving an entire nation eyeless.

List the results

Media outlets in a daring move started talking about the campaign and issues such as violence against women. Even more daring, in a misogynistic society were the women who took to the streets demanding justice and facing those behind the injustices. Subsequently, the campaign was adopted by Princess Lara Faisal ondemning all sort of violence towards women. Thousands of Women contributed by removing different “Eins” (Eyes) from society, in many different ways, such as street signs, online, profile pictures and many more. Reaching more than 2 Million People in the first week, of which 55% was Male Viewership Earning $550,000 in free media. Giving women of Jordan a bit of hope and returning the eyes to society and justice.


Name Company Role
Bechara Mouzannar Leo Burnett Amman Chief Creative Officer
Malek Ghorayeb Leo Burnett Amman Regional Executive Creative Director
Arwa Jassem Leo Burnett Amman Managing Director
Aram Taminian Leo Burnett Amman Creative Director
Salah Hanbali Leo Burnett Amman Account Supervisor
Nora Hindi Leo Burnett Amman Animator
Yazan Dabbas Leo Burnett Amman Designer
Mohammad Hamdan Leo Burnett Amman Art Director
Ashraf Massanat Leo Burnett Amman Arabic Copywriter
Bana Faris Leo Burnett Amman Account Executive
Basma Dakkak Leo Burnett Amman Account Executive
Suhaila Jabakhanji Leo Burnett Amman Account Executive
Youmna El Asmar Leo Burnett Regional Planner