2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceNATIONAL DAY

Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

This National Day campaign used more than 5 integrated channels and a very controversial message to change the perception of entire nation, Saudi Arabia, with a population of 34 million. The film of the campaign was the most viewed film on National Day.


When Saudi Aramco was attacked, the whole nation was attacked. But at Aramco, we rebuild in 11 days, showing resilience more than ever. We were unstoppable and we wanted the nation to stop feeling demotivated by the attack and feel unstoppable too, so we celebrated all the unstoppable achievement of the nation after the attack to remind people of their resilience. To name a few unstoppable moments in 2020: Saudi hosted the biggest tennis tournament, it hosted the G20, It launched the Green Riyadh project, it even confronted Covid-19 with good decisions that led to a milder impact.

Describe the creative idea

On Saudi national day, we launched a film with a very controversial message. We spread the film online under the hashtag #weareunstoppable. The whole film is a thank you to the attackers who attacked Saudi Aramco. We begin the film with employees saying why they are thankful for the attack. Because they discovered they were unstoppable after it. From there, we embark on the unstoppable journey of the whole nation, from the demotivating day of the attack until the victorious end of 2020. A Journey filled with resilience, where Saudi was unstoppable at every point. From how it hosted the G20 with resilience to how it fought Covid-19. The film was then supported by 4 other integrated channels that worked hand in hand to transport the whole nation on its unstoppable journey and awake the feeling of resilience in all 34 million people.

Describe the strategy

Our target audience was each and every person in the Kingdom of Saudi. Each and every organisation. Each and every demographic. Each and every age group. locals and expats alike, Because when a local brand like Saudi Aramco is attacked, the whole nation is attacked. Our film and its message or resilience resided in the middle of our integrated campaign. All other integrated digital and offline channels worked to support that message, spread it further, engage our audience and yield a sentiment change. our digital engagement happened on twitter in two fold, once with the suggestion cards and another time with raising the digital flag, because twitter is the social media platform with the most market penetration in Saudi Arabia.

Describe the execution

We spread the film on all our social media platforms. We also placed the film in online banners and online ads. Along with the film, social media influencers conducted interviews with unstoppable employees and spread them online. Twitter suggestion cards engaged the nation to pick what made Saudi Unstoppable. And finally, the whole nation overcame defeat together, by using #weareunstoppable to raise the digital Saudi unstoppable flag.

List the results

Most viewed national day film. 28.9 million views. 5.38 million engagement. 106.8 Million impressions. 147% more impressions than last year.


Name Company Role
Mohammad Bahmishan Publicis Groupe Conceptulizaion
Mohammad Sehly Leo Burnett KSA Concepulization
Alexandre Choucair Leo Burnett KSA Conceptulizaion
Saadi Alkouatli Leo Burnett KSA Coceptulizaion
Ehab Armanious Leo Burnett KSA Cocepulizaion
Mohammed Omeira Leo Burnett Conceptulizaion
Thamer Farsi Leo Burnett KSA Conceptualisation
Mazen Mitri Leo Burnett Beirut Conceptulization
Waleed Hmeidan Leo Burnett KSA Conceptualization
Ziad Chehab Leo Burnett KSA Conceptualization
Michael Chedid Leo Burnett KSA Concepulizaion
Shadi El Mourad Leo Burnett KSA Conceptluzation
Sami Saleh Prodigious Conceptualization
Myriam Abi Wardeh Prodigious Conceptualization
Naji Bechara Prodigious Conceptualization
Ian Ruschel Freelancer Concept
Hatem Alfayez Aramco Conceptualization
Mohammed AlBeesh Aramco Conceptualization
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