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Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

The Integrated Campaign had two phases, included 8K Media Materials from Press/journals, TV Reports, Radio Reports and the engagement of 494 Media entities (Press, Television and Radio).On the Social Media front, the total number of publications for the campaign was 2,900 Social media posts and content, including 30 originally produced Films, on all social platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat).Furthermore, launching digital adaptations of material such as programmatic, website, Mobile Application (Full-fledged Media Plan), as well as 108 influencer participations .In terms of traditional media, the outdoor billboard circuits covered 733 faces / 17 cities. Cross promoting with business/DMC's/Strategic-Partners.


In September 2019, Saudi Arabia opened its borders to the world, by launching a tourist visa for the first time in its history. Marking the beginning of a new era in the country’s flourishing tourism sector by welcoming 17 million visitors from 49 countries. However, the country barely kicked off its ambitions, only to be shocked by a paralyzing pandemic. The outbreak left a tremendous devastation on the tourism industry, suffering local businesses, decrease in job opportunities and an increase in depression among the people of Saudi. The objective is to launch a fully integrated Summer Campaign to promote domestic tourism and travel packages, as well as shed light on the country's hidden gems that most Saudis and residents did not know existed. The campaign is to create awareness of 10 destinations and drive traffic towards them. As well as promote 100 travel packages through the brand mobile application.

Describe the creative idea

Understanding the state of mind people are in after months of lockdown and being chained by Covid-19, drove us in taking a more human and emotional approach. The aim is to connect with people on an emotional level by delivering a message that may give them hope, inspire them and stir their imagination during these hard times of being stuck between four walls for such a long time. The concept is called: “Tanaffas/ﺗﻧﻔّس” or “Breathe” in a literal translation from Arabic but was headlined in English as “Break Free”. The concept is meant to ask the audience to finally take a breath of fresh air after months of lockdown that was metaphorically (suffocating), and visit beautiful domestic destinations that most people didn't know existed. An invitation to finally break-free from quarantine and explore the beauty of their own country. The communication was labeled with a seal to “Travel Responsibly”.

Describe the strategy

WHO: The target audience are: Saudi Citizens and Residents of Saudi Arabia, including large families, large families w/help, Small families, couples, solo travelers and friends. The age groups targeted were below under 22, 23-39 , 40 & above. With a focus on female travelers as a segment, as well as non-arabic speakers. With spending considerations of Mass population, affordable and luxury. WHAT: Promoting 10 hero summer destinations as well as including cooler locations and new hidden gems of the kingdoms, via 100 travel packages. HOW: Integrated and full fledged marketing campaign, covering multi-platforms and communication channels both traditional & non-traditional media. The approach was to (Create Awareness & Change Perception) through a teaser phase, awareness phase, segmented phase and tactical approaches to reach campaign objectives and all target segments strategically through the appropriate channels. Main communication pillars were categorized as Destination led, Activity led, Passion led and Duration led.

Describe the execution

The main campaign assets launched with a main Film that was launched on all platforms and all communication channels, paired with 4 main campaign visuals that were cascaded across all platforms as well as nationwide outdoor billboard circuits. The launch also included radio ads on popular radio stations. Moreover, the launch was followed with 29 films across multiple platforms under the communication pillars of Destination led, Activity led, Passion led and Duration led. Supported with influencer engagement reaching 2.9 Million. The campaign ran from June 24 2020 - October 6 2020. The coverage was nation wide, and was communicated in 5 different languages and across both local and international outlets.

List the results

Results included: - +80% increase in domestic travel - 24.2 Billion Impression - $1 Billion dollars in sales of the Accommodation, F&B and Culture & Recreation sectors - %94.5 Positive Sentiment - 300K APP downloads - 111 Million Social Engagement - 10 Million views on Youtube and another 10 Million views on Twitter within 1 month for the launch film only - 77 Million views collectively for the additional films produced throughout the campaign The call to “Break Free” was a remedy to the country’s recovery. Provided much needed jobs, revived an industry and reduced that claustrophobic world we almost got used to.


Name Company Role
Mazin Alhassan XELEMENT AGENCY Managing Partner
Nedhal Alhabib XELEMENT AGENCY Account Director
Haya Alfayez XELEMENT AGENCY Account Manager
Jazib Shah Shah XELEMENT AGENCY Project Manager
Eslam Atif XELEMENT AGENCY Art Director
Mohammed Shamsuldin XELEMENT AGENCY Arabic Copywriter
Bashair Alsaif XELEMENT AGENCY Copywriter
Ahmad Alhassan XELEMENT AGENCY Strategic Planner
Patrick Jude XELEMENT AGENCY Senior Graphic Designer
Arshad Ayyub XELEMENT AGENCY Graphic Designer
Saad Abotaily Nebras Films Producer
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