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EntrantAB\TBWA Cairo, EGYPT
CategoryAudio Content
Idea Creation AB\TBWA Cairo, EGYPT
Production AB\TBWA Cairo, EGYPT

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

Banque Misr song has transformed from just being a bank advertising material into a content that changed the culture. The song has refueled the patriotic spirit for Egyptians that had faded years ago bringing back the sense of pride of being an Egyptian citizen that captured the hearts of many Egyptians making the song number one on the charts, building a new relationship with the brand making it an icon of pride & hope


The Situation After the revolution things hasn’t changed Egyptians suffered from lack of identity and no sense of belonging knowing that things will not change. Negative consequences like immigration and looking for an alternative nationality. The brief Being the oldest bank in Egypt Banque Misr stood there just like the pyramids with no emotional link between the bank and people. Some important facts about the bank were the first bank in Egyptian history, created with Egyptian money and it was a 100 years old Objective/challenge: Reaching out for the new generation with the bank values “being 100 Egyptian” Reinforce the brand as a Love Mark brand

Describe the creative idea

Being the oldest bank in Egypt & the first bank in that was created totally with pure Egyptian money regardless the power of the English colonialism at that time, Banque Misr stands as tall landmark of Egyptian willpower, resilience and undependability. It is like a real landmark that stood beside & not less than the iconic pyramids. So accordingly being part of this very rich and nurtured heritage, Banque Misr inspire the widest Egyptians base, Motivating, Encouraging & reviving their true characteristics which reflects the way the bank deals. This was the trigger to the concept, that this bank is “the son of Egypt “ A song was created with the golden verse “I’m the Son of Egypt …. I’m unbreakable” Nothing resonated with Egyptians more than music, so we chose the only medium that spoke to the hearts of Egyptians and tuned these inspiring verses into a SONG

Describe the strategy

Egyptian , a nationality that is linked to a country of the oldest civilization on earth, being Egyptian is defined by three words Gada3 (a faithful friend) Shayal (resilient) Aseel (rooted values). Egyptians are known unbeatable optimism, and unbreakable self confidence, their heroic bravery that made them create 2 mega revolutions in four years, initiating the Arab spring revolutions. Two years later they discovered that the revolution didn’t change anything. Egyptians suffered from lack of identity and no sense of belonging. Negative consequences has appeared like immigration, shyness of their origins, always looking for an alternative nationality and passport. An epidemic that hit Egyptian identity. Being the oldest and the first bank in Egypt, a landmark of Egyptian willpower , our strategy was making Banque Misr take the initiative to inspire the widest base of Egyptians and bring back the pride of being 100% Egyptian

Describe the execution

The Song was written, carefully crafted portraying how hope & fighting back can do miracles. "I’m the Son of Egypt I’m unbreakable I have self confidence and immunity against depression" Sung by three celebrity singers, representing different generations, singing sensations and social backgrounds to reach everyone. Videoclip having a fresh inspiring visual of contextual and contemporary Egyptians, giving a new angle to their daily life, adding hope in their actions such as Street crossing, bulling fighting back, defying a wheel chair and playing football, etc. The hope element was added in a simple 2D graphic showing how easy it is to start thinking positive in your mind, heart & transforming it to reality. The process took 1 month prior Ramadan season. TV, launch on 6-May-19 until 3-June, total placement 1795 spots on 14 channels Digital mainly YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & Anghami

Describe the outcome

The song reached 10 million views in less than a month It scored #1 on music charts in Egypt and in other countries Hundreds of organic videos were done by people using the song , 65 thousand Egyptian football fans suddenly they started to sing the song like an anthem Children with special needs sang it in concerts ,the song was translated in deaf and mute language. The outstanding number of times it was played youtube 18M and shared like no other on social media 20K, instagram 2.8M views and Anghami top lists with 4.1M. It came from the people to the people The Son of Egypt …. The voice of Egyptians


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Medhat Khashaba AB\TBWA Concept developer & Copywriter
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