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EntrantAB\TBWA Cairo, EGYPT
CategoryFan Engagement / Community Building
Idea Creation AB\TBWA Cairo, EGYPT
Production AB\TBWA Cairo, EGYPT

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

Banque Misr song has transformed form just advertising material for the bank into content that changed the culture, the song has refueled the patriotic spirit for Egyptians that had faded years ago bringing back the sense of pride of being an Egyptian citizen that captured the hearts of many Egyptians making the song number one on the charts, building a new relationship with the brand making it an icon of pride & hope


Situation was that Egypt population the majority is under 15years and they have their own believes, and trends, they don't like that stereotype stuff & see that nationalism is old fashion. Brief was to hook with this difficult target, creating sense of belonging. In addition that Banque Misr is turning 100 years and they wanted to create awareness about it Objective To grab in this difficult target & create an emotional bond with the customer.

Describe the creative idea

It is a patriotic song that is lyrics reflects a double meaning. First conveys the sense of persistence that the Egyptian citizens should have and Second the journey of the bank through our the 100years.

Describe the strategy

Banque Misr is the only 100%Egyptian share holding. Ever since its launch from 100years up to today. It is the bank for all the Egyptians with different age groups, different SEC, different genders. The message was how to create a loyalty and sense of belonging for Misr the bank & Misr the country among these people. We created a national song that young generation can proudly sing & talk about. Showcasing the persistence that people have to achieve their goals in life. Just like Banque Misr did because both has the same character, because both are the SON OF EGYPT

Describe the execution

We first started with writing the main verses for the lyrics & then we choose the three singers that each one of them speaks to a different target group. We the choice of the singers the lyrics were solidified and the song was massively created. We then had to visualize the meaning held within the song with a modern, young look. Applying the graphics to the shots was adding another dimension of creativity. The entire process took 1 month prior Ramdan season. We launch on the 5th of May 2019 massively untill the 3rd of June. With a total placement of 1795 spots on 17 channels with High viewership.

Describe the outcome

we reach 19 million views in a month Transformed our song into a national anthem that Egyptians sang in national occasions. Organic footage edited by people on the song celebrating favorite moments of success. Government adopted the song edit several versions of its footage of success in may fields Rated #1 music charts


Name Company Role
Medhat Khashaba AB\TBWA Concept developer & Copywriter
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