2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryExcellence in Partnerships in Talent
Idea Creation TAYARAH Cairo, EGYPT
Media Placement TAYARAH Cairo, EGYPT
Production SAWARLY Cairo, EGYPT

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

Gouna Film Festival created the perfect worldwide exposure opportunity for local talents, that changed entertainment in Egypt. The ideal artist for collaboration, Ahmed El Ruby, an uprising talent that shared our passion. Together, we developed a song performed by Ahmed and a music video celebrating the festival stars. Featuring more than 46 celebrities, 5 media industry professionals, 7 well-known businessmen, 9 Gouna Staff, and 4 influencers, the song became a hit. For universal comprehension, we used the clap to represent celebration. The song quickly integrated itself in the culture and connected to all the fans by becoming their celebration anthem.


Talent has no definition, no limitation, no geographical relevance and should never have any sort of discrimination. Every talent should be heard, should be recognized, and should definitely be celebrated. For three years, GFF fought to establish the role entertainment plays in promoting cultural interaction, building bridges of creative intellect, fostering awareness of different cinematic fingerprints through encouraged communication, successfully exposing underground talents, rising stars, and well-renowned celebrities to the world. This presented an opportunity for emerging talents to carve their entertainment career-path, with both national and international spotlights. We needed a relevant piece of entertainment that can stand for the Film Festival ideology and demonstrated the brand values. There were talents that needed to be fostered, an initiative that needed to be taken and a celebration that needed a clap.

Describe the creative idea

Music is a universal language and is often used as a tool of fast circulation and virality especially amongst a diverse audience. We created a song in collaboration with Ahmed El Ruby, an uprising composer and singer and used him to tell the world of the GFF story and the Egyptian talent. Featuring more than 46 celebrities, 5 media industry professionals, 7 well-known businessmen, 9 Gouna Staff, and 4 influencers singing Ahmed’s words, dancing to his music, and clapping for the Egyptian dream come true. The chorus used the universal sign of celebration. A clap. In celebration of the festival’s success to reaching worldwide recognition. One rising star amongst a pool of celebrities, the claps for the GFF celebration, the beautiful scenery for any Egyptian dreamer, and the tune that can cling to a diverse audience. Every entertainment piece has a success formula, we created our very own success equation.

Describe the strategy

The equation: a song that showed the GFF community and its success, stayed true to the dream that came true for all Egyptian local talents by showing one of its own home-grown talents supported by the big stars. We needed to handpick the artists that would tell our story and leverage on their unique fan base to create a larger base of our own, and our rising star was bound to be heard. In celebration of a birthday, we all sing one song, universally. We wanted to create the new anthem of celebration. A collaboration between a young rising talent with a brand that was all about showcasing local talents to the world, the song lyrics and the hand-gesture clap was just the cherry on-top to deliver a piece of content that should find itself in every celebratory moment any individual can witness.

Describe the execution

The film goes beyond an ordinary music video; it touches the heart and inspires the soul of every Egyptian and filmmaker of the world. The film features actors, actresses, composers, producers, directors, Businessmen and lyricists displaying their passion about the artistry of entertainment. With their diverse talents united to show what Egypt has to offer to the world. The stars are lip singing along to illustrate the beauty of unity and the cheerfulness of celebration that has resulted from the GFF. Enriched with snippets from previous years, of local and international celebrities supporting the event. The film is shot in the hosting destination of the festival, navigating the small getaway to reveal the unique spirit of the community. The song is an imagery of the celebratory anthem showcasing the dreamers, accomplishing the dream, in the land of dreams.

Describe the outcome

In less than 24 hours, the film was #1 trending on YouTube Egypt, Tunis, and Dubai for 8 consecutive days. With a ground-breaking 5.5M views our star was able to reach an audience he couldn't reach on his own, leveraging on the GFF community and the celebrity fans, the successful collaboration increased his fan base by 1,000% in a week. The song rocked the Anghami charts for a month, a widely-used music app. Instagram tags came from around the globe and he was invited to local, regional and global TV shows from the likes of Mona ElShazly, Arabwood, MBC, CBC, ET, and insider to discuss the achievements of the festival and the success of the song, to local and international concerts, hospitals, orphanages, nurseries, and the likes to personal occasions such as weddings and graduations. When a heart triggers any reason to clap, you are bound to remember GFF.


Name Company Role
Mohamed El Bassiouny Tayarah Executive producer
Ramez Youssef Tayarah Executive creative director, Co-writer
Ahmed El Ruby Tayarah Singer, song writer, composer
Hossam Hamed Freelance Film Director
Osama El Hendy Freelance Music Producer
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