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CategoryLive Broadcast / Live Streaming
Idea Creation KIJAMII Cairo, EGYPT
Production KIJAMII Cairo, EGYPT

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

Sports viewership has been shifting from merely watching the game to watching everything around the game. Commentary, Game analyses by experts, interviews with players, interviews with fans, and more.The game has become one of the most genuine and raw forms of unscripted entertainment that nobody knows how is going end. Digital media has given this experience more depth; it is regarded by many now as the second screen. Rights holders, and owners alike try as much as possible to harness its impact as an entertainment hub. This is exactly what we helped the Confederation of African Football achieve.


One week before the tournament started we were awarded the contract to cover the Total African Cup of Nations 2019 in Egypt. We had six locations to cover, 24 National teams to study by heart and a whole world watching every move we make. Our scope comprised of the following: Creation of all content across all the tournament’s platforms; Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. Aggregation of all this content in English, Arabic, French & Portuguese. On-ground video coverage of every aspect of the event; team arrivals, on-site interviews, fan reactions. CAF’s main objectives were as follows: Showcase the young, vibrant, and tech savvy nature of Africa. Increase fan engagement to raise the value of brand activities during the event.

Describe the creative idea

Africa is very well known of its nature and heritage, yet its contemporary cultures are severely undersold. We figured, there is no better time than the most important sporting event in the continent to showcase that. Quoting Samson Adamu, CAF's head of competitions; "We do not want to be good old wise Morgan Freeman, we want to be Trevor Noah, or even better Black Panther" In that sense we decided to focus on three main elements; - Africa's Colorful Aesthetic: Where we have built all our art direction around. - Football Passion & Local pop-culture: How we engaged with our diverse communities in their own language - Tying heritage with nostalgia: We focused one full direction of interviews with Africa's legends to talk about their experience in football & Africa.

Describe the strategy

Engaging in Football in the heart of Africa is one of the most authentic experiences one can ever have. The tales of black magic, the hymns & dances of victory before every game, and the tribal grooves we hear from the fans in the stands. No matter who is winning, it is always a cheerful muse in the stands. Our strategy was to capture the colorfulness of Africa; its authenticity, diversity, as well as its staggering similarities. This was very evident in the art direction, in the moments we were very keen on capturing. Moments that have never been captured on TV but are always heard of.

Describe the execution

We have built an operation of 60 people divided into a central team & six on-site teams in all the six locations where the tournament was taking place. All on-site teams consisted of a content team and video team that were responsible for all the content output from their respective locations. The central team was responsible for the collection and aggregation of all on-site content. Supported by a strong arts and video content team, the central team was also responsible for the creation of engaging creative content to support the on-ground teams. Over the course of 4 days this operation was built, roles were defined and all visual elements were created for our first on-ground content creation task; the team arrivals to Egypt.

Describe the outcome

Our content entertained almost 400 M people around the globe; almost 10% of the global internet population. More than 65 Million Video views across all platforms. The levels of engagement were 10X the engagement around Copa America, which was taking place during the same period. Our work was hailed by CAF executives and industry experts alike; all citing the transformation in how CAF is approaching its digital strategy. The coverage has paved the way for a staggering 300% increase in commercial revenues from digital activations that took place during Total AFCON 2019 compared to 2017. Total AFCON 2019 was a paradigm shift in how the world views not only African Football but also the continent as a whole. Thanks to all the work done the whole world now knows how engaged and connected Africans are.


Name Company Role
Ahmed Moghazy Kijamii Content Lead
Mohammed Ghonemi Kijamii Art Director
Mohammed Fathi Kijamii Content Producer - Cairo
Diaa Soliman Kijamii Content Editor - Cairo
Hussein Lotfy Kijamii Content Producer - 30 June
Mohamed Usama Kijamii Content Editor - 30 June
Mohamed Medhat Kijamii Content Producer - Al Salam
Mohamed Rabie Kijamii Content Editor - Al Salam
Abdelrahman Sami Kijamii Content Editor - Ismailia
Mohamed Tafahni Kijamii Content Editor - Ismailia
Hossam Bedeir Kijamii Content Producer - Alexandria
Abdelrahman Ashraf Kijamii Content Editor - Alexandria
Abdallah Yosry Kijamii Content Producer - Al Suez
Ahmed Amin Kijamii Content Editor - Al Suez
David Yacob Kijamii International Content Manager
Monica George Kijamii English Content Editor
Abdelrahman Mamdouh Kijamii Content Lead - HQ
Mahmoud Ahmed Kijamii Content Editor - HQ
Mohamed Elsokkary Kijamii Graphic Designer
Mohamed Adel Kijamii Graphic Designer
Islam Mohamed Kijamii Media Editor
Mohamed Attar Kijamii Media Editor
Sara Sarhan Freelancer Media Editor
Nermine Alaa Freelancer Media Editor
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