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NIDO "Protector of Dreams": Celebrating Mothers on Mother’s Day

CategoryUse of Original Composition for a Brand or Campaign

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

Mother’s Day. A day to celebrate moms. And a day where many brands are vying for a mother's attention. From dramatic to humorous content, to rational and emotional, everyone’s got a story to tell. How did we get our voice heard with so many talking? By singing. We created a song, for a new generation of moms, that reached #3 in KSA on Anghami’s "Top Charts" within one week of its release. It amassed 2.5+ million views on YouTube, generating 3,500+ likes (only 309 dislikes) and 500+ comments, numbers that are not easily achieved on a branded video on YouTube.


Situation: If you grew up in the Middle East, you probably grew up drinking NIDO. But while NIDO might have great affinity among the moms of the 80’s and 90’s, the brand’s equity has become vulnerable in recent years due to the stagnating milk powder category coupled with the fact that NIDO hasn’t invested behind brand building for the past 3 years. As such, love towards the brand has started to fade; especially among the new generation of moms. Brief: As a brand that champions moms, there is no better occasion than Mother’s Day to reach out to the new generation through a heartfelt message (song) that appreciates and celebrates them. We wanted to stand out and use it as an opportunity to help us solidify NIDO’s leadership across the region and regain “share of heart” with moms of today. Objectives: Popularize the song by driving listener-ship and video views.

Describe the creative idea

Brand Insight: NIDO has always known that music can evoke emotions and etch its way into our consumers hearts and minds. Our iconic Graduation Song from the 80’s has resonated for decades among moms. All you need to do is sing the first few words, and moms (and everyone else) immediately sing along (ma3 NIDO kibro l wled l zghar). Consumer Insight: “Middle Eastern millennials love their music. YouTube music accounts for 40% of ALL music listening worldwide. That’s more than all other streaming services combined.” - ThinkWithGoogle We also know that in the region, NIDO mothers tend to spend 2 – 3 hours per day on music streaming services - Global Web Index The seamless combination of brand + consumer insight led us to the strategic big idea: A new song, for a new generation of moms.

Describe the strategy

Target Audience: Mothers (Females 20-45 w/Kids) To bring our idea to life, we knew we had to leverage 2 key factors: 1) Strong Partnerships Creating a music hit is no easy task. We knew that we had to create a catchy and memorable song to appeal to our TA. The winning formula was a combination of three things: two personalities, recognized and highly acclaimed within the music industry: Jean-Marie Riachi, a famous musician and music producer and Nizar Francis, an equally renowned poet and songwriter. The third ingredient, a collaboration with talents from The Voice Kids who would help us touch the hearts of moms across the region 2) Strong Distribution Distribution is the name of the game in music. Given that the content is a song, we focused on the biggest music (Anghami, YouTube) and social apps (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter) to deliver our campaign to our audience.

Describe the execution

We developed and promoted separate content pieces bespoke to platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat by filming talents from The Voice Kids singing snippets of the song and then used these edits to engage with moms by asking them to “click” or “swipe up” to watch (YouTube) or listen to the song (Anghami). To drive share-ability, we created an AR Karaoke Lens with Snapchat that had the music and lyrics of the song built into. It was a fun way to encourage audiences to engage with us. We partnered up with Anghami, which provided us with the means to communicate with moms in a contextually relevant environment, by creating a dedicated page for "حارسة الأحلام". We then launched audio ads, snackable videos and banners across the platform to drive audiences back to our page. And as a final touch to "own the day" (21st), we booked a Twitter Masthead (KSA).

Describe the outcome

Anghami: 1) #3 Top Arabic in Saudi 2) #3 Top Arabic in Jordan 3) #6 Top Arabic in UAE 4) 14,486 Followers on the dedicated page 5) 525K Streams (3.2x more streams than any other sponsored song during the same period) YouTube: 1) 2.5 Million Views 2) 3,500+ Likes ; 500+ Comments 3) 32% Lift in Ad Recall (KSA) Snapchat: 1) 44" Playtime on AR Lens (12"-15" benchmark) 2) 4% share rate VS (1% - 5% benchmark) Twitter: 1) Fan-base increased by ~15,000, that's a 43% increase in followers as a result of the MD activation 2) ~2.2 million video views in one day only FB/IG: 1) The song generated 7.2+ million views. An improvement versus our 2018 Mother’s Day campaign where we achieved ~2.8 million views. 2) 5.2% active engagement a) 2,429 comments b) 7,882 shares c) 78,862 reactions


Name Company Role
Racha Raya Publicis Middle East Client Service Lead
Rana Najjar Publicis Middle East Lead Creative
Anna Sleiman Zenith Media planning & execution
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