2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryUse of Licenced or Adapted Music for a Brand or Campaign
Production LEAP STUDIOS Cairo, EGYPT

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

Because there is nothing more entertaining than a well composed song that gets a whole nation to sing along… in Arabic of course.


Today, Saudi Arabia is moving faster than ever towards a brighter yet unknown tomorrow. And today more than ever, Saudis are worried they can’t keep up with the speed of tomorrow. So Zain, the Kingdom’s most innovative telecom operator, decided to give Saudis the speed to keep up with tomorrow. It was going to be the first to launch 5G. With such a technologically advanced tool in the hands of each and every Saudi, the whole Kingdom could relax and actually enjoy tomorrow.

Describe the creative idea

If they can now enjoy tomorrow, why not sing about tomorrow! So Zain launched Annie’s tomorrow, recomposed in Arabic 20 years later.

Describe the strategy

And so, ya bookra, ya bookra was launched as the soundtrack of a short film, shot to demonstrate the immense ease of speed that 5G unlocks for the whole Kingdom. The film and its soundtrack were disseminated on traditional channels and social media channels, targeting everyone in Saudi Arabia, as well as Zain’s owned channels, but the song was also placed on regional music platforms such as Anghami (The Spotify of the Arab world)

Describe the execution

And although the song had never been sung in Arabic before, it sounded even more familiar to Saudis! Because we scouted and contracted their most beloved and nostalgic song writer for the past 30 years, Tarek Tourkan, who was behind all their favorite cartoons growing up to write and compose Ya Bookra, Ya Bookra. Bundled up with a young and upcoming singer Rama Rabat, it was the recipe of a hit. It took one week to recompose what was to become the song of Saudi Arabia’s tomorrow.

Describe the outcome

Not to our surprise, the Arabic version of the song gathered in less than a week 10 million views, 10 times more than the English. And it really made an impression. And the Arabic sound track itself quickly became popular on music platforms This is how Zain was the first to get the whole Kingdom actually looking forward for • 38 million video views • The Arabic Version of the film had 10 million Youtube Views • 10X more than the English film • 108 social media impressions • #1 Arabic song in Saudi on Anghami (the Spotify of the middle east)


Name Company Role
Mohammad Bahmishan Publicis Groupe Conceptualization
Saadi Alkouatli Leo Burnett KSA Developed initial idea & led overall campaign execution
Alexandre Choucair Leo Burnett KSA Conceptualization and amplification
Ehab Armanious Leo Burnett KSA Conceptualization and amplification
Habeeb Al Najjar Leo Burnett KSA Art Direction
Andre Freiha Leo Burnett KSA Art Direction
Thierry Chehab Leo Burnett KSA Oversaw Key Creative Milestones
Simon Coull Leap Studios Cairo DOP
Alex & Steffan Leap Studios Cairo Directing
Amr El Masri Leap Studios Cairo Production supervision
Tarek Tourkan Freelancer Song Writing
Peter Atta Leap Studios Cairo Composer
Mohammed Alshoaiby Leo Burnett KSA Copy
Fady Yamak Leo Burnett Project Management
Karim Alnazer Leo Burnett KSA Project Management
Rayan Alturki Zain KSA Support
Thamer Farsi Leo Burnett KSA Support
Mazen Mitri Leo Burnett Beirut Support
Jihad Elrassi OMD Media
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