2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryFiction & Non-Fiction Films up to 5 minutes
Production SPLASH Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

It tells a charming, emotional story of a real-life working Santa from Norway, who because he gives so much to others during the festive period, doesn’t get to spend time with his family. He’s not an actor, he’s the real deal, with a real family who miss him greatly over Christmas. The entertainment comes from the whole film, but the key moment is the genuine surprise after receiving his gift and then at Atlantis where we see his fun side, enjoying life with his wife children and grandchildren. It’s a real story, with all the beauty of a fairytale.


• Situation People are unaware of how good Atlantis’ offerings are around Christmas time. • Brief To increase brand awareness and brand love in international markets and bring awareness to its festive offerings. • Objective To get more bookings during the festive season and to place Atlantis as a top of mind festive destination.

Describe the creative idea

Over the last four years we have created a tradition for Atlantis of providing amazing experiences for real people that are nothing like their everyday. So we thought who most needs a break over the festive period? There is only one man who works tirelessly and selflessly to make Christmas so amazing for other people and that’s Santa Claus himself. So we found a real life working Santa Claus, who happened to be president of the Santa Union of Norway – this is his day job 365 days year – and surprised him with a gift: a trip to Atlantis the Palm Dubai with him and his family so he could enjoy a festive break relaxing and having fun in the sun, an experience that was truly A World Away From His Everyday.

Describe the strategy

Atlantis wanted an idea that could capture the true spirit of Christmas which would reignite its brand proposition ‘A World Away From Your Everyday’. It needed to draw attention to its venues and all the events that take place during the festive period to create more awareness and consideration for international festive vacationers that would generate more bookings in 2020.

Describe the execution

• Implementation We placed a masthead teaser on the Atlantis Youtube page that drove traffic to the main film. It was also posted on Twitter and Facebook in order to gain mass reach. We then created 1 minute cut downs films that were placed contextually on websites and articles that were travel related. • Timeline Launched beginning of February till June. • Placement Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, travel websites and articles • Scale Local and International markets.

Describe the outcome

N/A - Since the campaign has just been released. Atlantis will measure brand health numbers before and after the launch of the campaign to evaluate its success.


Name Company Role
Oliver Robinson FP7McCann Creative Lead
Fouad Abdel Malak FP7McCann Creative Lead
Thomas Young FP7McCann, Dubai Creation
Mike Awad FP7McCann Creation
Karol Akl FP7McCann, Dubai Production
Cynthia Chabu FP7McCann, Dubai Production
Vicky Kriplani FP7McCann, Dubai Account Management
Aysar Joudeh FP7McCann, Dubai Account Management