2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


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Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

Jawwy Action Royale is a show dedicated to give some justice to the gaming world in the gaming world in the KSA. Its main function is to give tips and tricks and empower players in the kingdom throughout 10 episodes that feature Saudi's main gaming influencers, doing what gamers like best, compete with aspiring gamers. the show's competitive nature was an instant hit, and was the most watched brand content during the period of the campaign.


Gaming in the Kingdom is a relatively untapped territory giving any brand who knows how to speak to gamers a massive opportunity. For many people and marketeers alike, gaming is just a niche activity that very few take seriously and doesn't need to be invested in. However, for a challenger brand like Jawwy, this poses a great opportunity: with telco giants in the kingdom spending lots of money to capture an already saturated market, Jawwy, the most flexible, fairest telco, decided to create affinity with this huge audience by giving them what they desperately want: a platform that teaches them gaming tips and tricks and empowers gamers to keep on playing.

Describe the creative idea

Jawwy action Royale, the first gaming show for gamers, intended to supply PUBG enthusiasts, the biggest gamers community, with valuable tips and tricks, for Saudis by the Kingdom's major PUBG player. For the first time, they had a local reference to better their game and get the chance to be featured on the show, compete with MaxHD, the KSA's star gamer. The show was complemented with a Snapchat filter that gets players to show their love for the game and get them closer to the gaming world and community.

Describe the strategy

We knew from eSports around the world how big the industry is getting. And we looked at Saudi Arabia's very big audience and what they're missing, what they needed. Why? Jawwy is the telco that allows its users to keep their credit for the next month, build their own plan, and stands for being the fairest telco towards its core target and people at large. The link was very apparent: most gamers in the kingdom fall right into our bull's eye profiling. They don't have ANY tools that help them advance their esports aspirations and thus are treated as if they're just kids who never grew up. We wanted to empower them, give gaming the value it deserves and gamers the attention they long for.

Describe the execution

We started off with announcing Jawwy Action Royale, using non other than MaxHD's platform and social channels. This got gamers to immediately understand that this is not just another brand initiative, that will try to sell them products, but something that is intended to really help them perfect their game. We started releasing the episodes, each focusing on technique, featuring guest gamers who shared their insights as well. To take the show to the next engagement level, we invited people to compete, share our content and get the chance to meet with MaxHD. Behind the scenes footage as well as other entertainment content like a rap song, were used to keep our gamers engaged and create an affinity with the show and thus the brand. A snapchat filter brought the platform to and from Snapchat and get players to identify themselves and others and connect and grow their community.

Describe the outcome

600% more views than the average Achieved 156% more shares than the average 60% increase in watch time versus average 1,000% more subscribers Ranked by SocialBakers as the top brand video on YouTube in Saudi Arabia for two consecutive months Channel ranked as the fastest growing brand channel & the channel with the highest engagement rate


Name Company Role
Dany Azzi Fp7 RUH Executive Creative director
Jad Abdelkader Fp7 RUH Head of digital
Nidal Bouhamdan Fp7 RUH Senior Art Director
Samar Abdelmalek Fp7 RUH Digital account manager
Elizabeth Abou Haidar Fp7 RUH English copywriter
Carl Bou Abdallah Fp7 MENAT Strategic planning manager and truth central mannager / MENAT
Marc Lawandos Fp7 RUH Managing Director
Robbert Nammour DMS Branded content director
Mohamed Marei DMS Branded Content Manager
Hosam Mobarak Fp7 RUH Head of Copy
Khaled Zahran Fp7 RUH Digital Art Director
Mohamed Helmy Fp7 RUH Senior Graphic Designer
Anis Zantout Fp7 MENAT Regional digital director
Mario Morby Fp7 DxB Head of planning
Dalia Abuzeid Concept View Producer
Hanan Khlaif Concept View Producer
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