2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceSUBARU XV
EntrantTNA Cairo, EGYPT
CategoryExcellence in Partnerships in Talent
Idea Creation TNA Cairo, EGYPT
Media Placement TNM Cairo, EGYPT

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

The campaign falls under entertainment primarily because it starred two celebrities that have absolutely nothing to do with each other, and were never expected to be together; to significantly help sell the product through their hilarious interactions.


There is no clear perception on the brand. There are two common impressions between the owners and non-owners of a Subaru car. Owners: A car they trust to drive and have their family members drive due to its high safety standards and resilience against the conditions of driving in Egypt. Non-Owners: They can’t argue the functional benefits this car gives, however they feel it's sort of “Grandma’s car”; the looks are not good enough, the technological options are not many, and the resale market is not good. Visibility is low causing a lack of awareness and understanding of the brand resulting in diluted association. Functionality wise, Subaru XV has one of the highest safety standards. Business Objectives: - Re-launch Subaru in the Egyptian market. - Increase sales & market share. Communication Objectives: - Increase brand awareness. - Instill brand equity - Highlight Subaru XV - Highlight Subaru and AGM association.

Describe the creative idea

There are two kinds of cars in the world. The sexy cars and the smart cars. And as people, we’re always sacrificing one over the other. But the Subaru XV has the perfect blend of brains and brawn but there was one tiny problem… nobody in Egypt had a clue about the XV and what it represents. And because cars have a personality, a voice… For instance, if the car is strong, the voice will make you want to go crazy. If it’s elegant, the car will make you want to be cool, calm and collected. We thought the best way to make people relate to the car that they’ve never even heard of before… Was to show the perfect portrayal between strength and smarts.

Describe the strategy

Our methodology was to create a brand narrative that reflects what makes us special. We had two main strategic objectives, initially, we needed to incite our consumers by tapping into powerful human emotions to inspire a compelling identity and relevant personality. Secondly, we needed to ensure we resonated by developing a strong association that compliments the brand’s unique and quality vehicles. Our main challenge is that our brand was a new entrant to the Egyptian market holding little to no equity within the minds of our audiences, primarily due to the lack of prior knowledge and exposure to Subaru globally. Our following challenge was that our brand was a highly functional product, despite earning a variety of safety accolades (one of the most globally trusted brands) it was absent of emotional triggers; it lacked sex appeal. From there we unveiled the insight that it was time to move from highlighting

Describe the execution

To portray the voices of the two personalities, we got the perfect celebrities to represent brains and brawn in the form of the Subaru XV. Sherif Hosny; think of him as Terry Crews. That loud, brash, energy we won’t ever forget. Abdelrahman Abu Zahra; think of him as Morgan Freeman. That wise voice of god we all know. The brawn would push the driver to go crazy and take the dunes because of how strong the XV is (having all wheel drive), and the brains to use XV’s super smart system, by having its sensor system to stop the car from any collision. It was difficult getting the celebrities to be part of the car without it looking weird. So we just made it look weirder. Their heads were part of the car furniture talking to the driver and getting him to test every single angle of the car.

Describe the outcome

The campaign achieved an outstanding performance in-terms of visibility – leads – engagement – views Our ads were displayed on Facebook and Instagram more than 46 million times. Reached a total of 5 million unique users on Social Media Acquired more than 1,000 leads, which helps in boosting sales and creating our database of potential interested users. In-terms of detailed actions on social media: 38,000 reactions – 4,200 comments – Saves and shares 5,000 – 120,000 visit – 2.6 million video views – more than 500,000 user watched the full copy. On Google our ads were displayed more than 73 million times 10 million video views on YouTube – 7 million users saw our main video copy + 1.7 million users saw our unskippable ads. Our display ads reached 6 millions users. 500,000 users reached on Gmail.


Name Company Role
Ahmed Hamdallah Tarek Nour Advertising Creative Director
Basel El Deeb Tarek Nour Advertising Managing Partner-Head of Communication Services
Sherif Doss Tarek Nour Advertising Associate Creative Director
Mohamed Gaber Tarek Nour Creative Senior Art Director
Bashar Galal Tarek Nour Advertising Creative art director
Omar El Zohairy Good People Director
Kamal Samy Good People Director of Photography
Noura El Khatib Good People Producer
Baher Rashid Circle Editor
Hazem El Saadani Tarek Nour Advertising Managing Director
Mai El-Attar Tarek Nour Advertising Business Director
Sara Sherif Tarek Nour Advertising Senior Account Executive
Khaled Zaki Good People Executive Producer
Shaimaa Hassan Good People Line Producer
Farah Elsayed Good People Stylist
Belal Hibri Circle Colorist