2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryUse of Original Composition for a Brand or Campaign

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

During a socially-distancing pandemic and uncertain times, Mobily created a movement energized by the youth and represented what they stand for. It started by creating a song composed and performed by a diverse group of inspiring Saudi talents. The track was then available on Spotify and became their anthem; a rallying cry to go green and to move forward. In only 3 days, our music video was viewed 15 million times. Not only that but we earned 26 organic articles in top tier publications in a region driven by paid media.


Mobily, one of Saudi’s biggest telecom brands and challengers, is constantly driven by a unified purpose: “unlocking possibilities by empowering the digital economy”. Even though the Saudi youth are aware of Mobily as a brand, they hardly understood what this purpose meant in their daily lives. More importantly, what it meant in the middle of a global pandemic when all progress and possibilities of their future are put on hold. Saudi National Day – the Kingdom’s most socially connected day of the year - was the perfect opportunity to bring this purpose to life and actively engage with Saudi’s youth. The challenge then became how we connect with them and empower them to connect with others in the middle of a complete social lockdown. We knew that with a seasonal campaign budget without a tactical offering that triggers them, we needed a relevant and distinctive way to drive engagement.

Describe the creative idea

We called the movement “GREEN IS GO”; leveraging the color of the Saudi flag that embodied our message of moving forward while shining a light on young Saudis, their self-driven ambition and their potential. The question then became how do we amplify a cultural movement on Saudi National Day? We knew that young Saudis enjoy contemporary underground music, so we started by creating an original song that was composed and performed by a diverse group of inspiring Saudi talents featuring the up and coming Saudi rapper Slow Moe. To unlock the music video, we launched the first ever Saudi color-recognition AR Snapchat lens where all they needed to do was to snap anything with the color green anywhere (flags, cars, clothes, posters, buildings), allowing Saudis’ color to be the catalyst for a socially mobile-driven movement.

Describe the strategy

During that challenging time, the only way for Saudis to connect with the world and one another was through their smartphones. That’s why the strongest way forward was creating a cultural, mobile-first movement driven by Saudi’s own energized, ambitious and digital savvy change-makers. We wanted to champion the Saudi youth who continued to create and move forward when the world was on pause - from graphic artists and dancers to fashion leaders and athletes - those who would make others push through uncertainity and realize their future today.

Describe the execution

We first developed a teaser campaign to create awareness around the movement featuring our change-makers and a bold canvas by a Saudi calligraphy artist and a local graphic designer as their background. We then amplified engagement and video views by partnering with Snapchat and creating the first-ever color-reginition AR lens for the region. By snapping anything colored green, anywhere, our core audience was able to unlock our composed song and original music video, featuring the diverse group of change-makers including Saudi rap artist Slow Moe. The track was available on Spotify and became an anthem for Saudi youth; a rallying cry to go green, to go forward and make things happen.

Describe the outcome

In only 3 days, Our “GREEN IS GO” movement surpassed industry benchmarks and KPIs across all digital and social platforms. - 1.5 million views on Snapchat - 2.77% VTR (3x the industry benchmark) - Average playtime of 32 seconds (3x the industry benchmark) - + 97,000 Snapchat shares - + 100,000 saved snaps - 15 million video views - + 137 million impressions. Last but definitely not least, we earned 26 organic media articles in top tier publications across the Kingdom (a country where PR is primarily awarded only through paid sponsorship).


Name Company Role
Ryan Reed M&C Saatchi Creative
Ben Lees M&C Saatchi Creative
Braden Deatcher M&C Saatchi Creative
Karim Sherif M&C Saatchi Creative
Antony Stearns M&C Saatchi Strategy
Natalie Cooke M&C Saatchi Strategy
Carrera-Jade Simmons M&C Saatchi Client Servicing
Mitch Williams M&C Saatchi Social
Loulia Almidani M&C Saatchi Client Servicing
Amy Brill M&C Saatchi PR PR
Melinda Mesiano M&C Saatchi PR PR
Muhannad A. Kadi Mobily Client/General Manager Corporate Brand Management
Loui A. Kofiah Mobily Client/Brand Communication Director
Manasvi Gosalia Deja Vu Production
Pratixa Kanojia Deja Vu Production
Mary Bou Akl Deja Vu Production
Anna Karinvinge Sauvage Production
Daniela Lázara Sauvage Production
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