2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


EntrantFP7 McCANN Cairo, EGYPT
CategoryTalent: Film, Series & Audio
Idea Creation FP7 McCANN Cairo, EGYPT

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

Entertaining our audience meant that they had to see something unexpected, triggers curiosity and captures their attention so that we keep them hooked; While launching our 7-seater SUV, we achieved this by featuring Egypt’s sweethearts for decades now: Ahmed Helmy & Mona Zaki – two mega stars who have been known (and envied) for their loving, affectional and stable marital life. But this time, For the first time EVER, they can see them in a relatable couple relatable fight. On mute. We don’t know why; a mystery that continues to build up till the very end of our film.


Situation: In a cluttered market where SUV segment is growing fast, and where every brand is showing off its SUV’s features; it has become more challenging to stand out and win customers’ attention and consideration for your vehicle, let alone buy it. Brief: After a decade of absence in the SUV segment, Chevrolet was introducing to the Egyptian market its new Captiva, a spacious 7-seater SUV at a very competitive price with outstanding functionalities. Objective: Our business objective to be achieved by end of 2020 for our newly introduced brand was to sell 1,500 vehicles, and reach a 6% MS. That is to become the 3rd most selling brand in a category where other brands have maintained their strong existence and support. Our marketing objective was to generate awareness on the new Chevrolet Captiva and clearly differentiate it to generate interest (and hence penetration). KPI: Reach 15 million views.

Describe the creative idea

We thought: “Don’t we all need some space away from everyone even our most loved ones, every once in a while?” and our honest answer was “yes”. Then since we were creating a car campaign; we couldn’t help but think: “How hard is it to achieve this in our own car, especially if we happened to be stuck with our loved one - with whom we just had a disagreement or a fight?” and our answer was “we would love to, but that was unlikely”. So based on our “need for space can be sometimes hard to achieve, especially in a car” insight, our idea was “The new Chevrolet Captiva, your personal space in a car”.

Describe the strategy

To stand out among the clutter, we asked ourselves, why do people buy SUVs? And the obvious answer was for its spaciousness - which has been tackled by others. We couldn’t let go of spaciousness because it was our real USP, but we decided to tackle in a different context and to tackle a truth that Egyptians knew and wished for. The truth is we all need our space, not only physical space. We need our personal space – this was a real need and a sweet spot that can capture attention & relevance. We decided to be real when it came to our choice of celebrities; a real couple that is Egypt’s favorite sweethearts, and one that has been known for their loving, affectionate and stable decade-long marital life. However, we chose to show them in a context that was more real to smoothly and clearly prove our USP.

Describe the execution

Steering away from beginning to end script,we created a visual-driven drama; starring Egypt’s sweethearts. The film shows tension building up throughout the copy and because Egyptians by nature are quite curious, we do not reveal why to keep them intrigued and tuned in. As the tension reaches its peak; Mona breaks the silence & asks for some space! Walking out of the car we conclude with a humorous twist exaggerating how long she walks to get to the back seat of the car; establishing that all the space you need is in this vehicle. Timeline Launched in May 2020 , in Covid-19’s peak , when consumers were devouring content to pass the time and were quite critical of what they were watching. Placement and scale We Used TV, Digital and Radio to reach our audience and automotive platforms to ensure reaching those on the looking to buy their next car.

Describe the outcome

Our campaign had outstanding results: We managed to reach 15M users, achieved more than 18.5M views and 168K engagements! The buzz the campaign generated successfully elevated interest, and thus enabled us to overachieve our business objectives: Selling 1,780 vehicles in just 6 months (Sept 2020) -exceeding to the planned 1,500 by end of year, Reaching a 7% market share -exceeding the planned 6% - And last but not least, we made it to #3 in a market of SUV tycoons.


Name Company Role
Amr El Kalaawy FP7McCann Cairo Managing Director
Sondos Effat FP7McCann Cairo General Manager
Mostafa Sherif FP7 McCANN Cairo Creative Director
Youssef Hammad Kamel FP7 McCANN Cairo Associate Creative Director
Mahmoud Tag El Din FP7 McCANN Cairo Senior Art Director
Farah Mansour FP7 McCANN Cairo Group Account Director
Mo’men Aboutaleb FP7 McCANN Cairo Senior Account Manager
Omar Magdy Sherif FP7 McCANN Cairo Account Executive
Iman Mosaad FP7 McCANN Cairo Head of Digital Department
Chérif Emile FP7 McCANN Cairo Digital Account Manager
Essam Gamea FP7 McCANN Cairo Senior Digital Account Executive
Dina El-Dessouky FP7 McCANN Cairo Head of Strategy
Yosr Khalifa FP7 McCANN Cairo Associate Strategy Director
Mustafa Darwish FP7 McCANN Cairo Strategist
Heba Farag FP7 McCANN Cairo Senior Agency Producer
Khaled Zaki Good People Film Executive Producer
Mahmoud Derbala Good People Film Head of Production
Omar Khalil Good People Film Producer
Jihad Aboushady Good People Film Line Producer
Aya Abdelfatah Good People Film Post Prodcuer
Rabab Saleh Good People Film Assistant Producer
Mohamed El Zayat NA Director
Abdelsalam Moussa NA DOP
Carine Howayek NA Creative Assistant
Mai Galal NA Stylist
Ammar Nabil The Cell Editor
Belal Hibri Lucid Colorist
Khaled Hamdy Khaled Hamdy Sound Designer
Ahmed Rasheed Good People Film 1st AD
Baraa El Hilaly Good People Film 2nd AD