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EntrantKAIRO Cairo, EGYPT
CategoryUse of Original Composition for a Brand or Campaign
Idea Creation KAIRO Cairo, EGYPT
Media Placement KAIRO Cairo, EGYPT

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

Cairokee, Egypt’s most loved rock band, tells the untold story of the “Guardian of Feathers” through a heartfelt animated song that became a hit in Ramadan 2020.


The month of Ramadan in Egypt is filled with commercials of charitable entities, since this is the time of the year when Egyptian Muslims pay their “Zakat” - a yearly donation to help those in need. Abulrish hospital is Egypt’s main children’s hospital since 1928. It is the children’s hospital of “Kasr Aleini “, the medical school of Cairo University. It relies entirely on donations to keep its doors open for underprivileged children. Abulrish “Guardian of Feathers” is one of those names in life that are phonetically heard without ever questioning the meaning or origin of the name. It became a mere sound without essence. The magical story behind the name had to be told to give the hospital the iconic stature it deserves, to make it top of mind and keep the donations flowing.

Describe the creative idea

Bring to life through the power of music and entertainment with a legendary band, the legendary story behind the name of Egypt's most important children's hospital.

Describe the strategy

While the norm in Egypt is to play on guilt and rely on emotional blackmail during the month of Ramadan to raise funds for various charities and hospitals, we bet on the magic and power of beautiful storytelling, music and entertainment.

Describe the execution

In this heartfelt animated music video, Cairokee's band members morph into their childhood selves, joining a forgotten ritual that took place in the late 1800s Egypt. The music video starts with Cairokee’s lead singer Amir telling the story of the magical journey where parents took their children from every corner in Egypt to the shrine of a mystic named “Sidi Abulrish” or “Guardian of Feathers”, to perform a ritual like no other where the child wears a feather crown and sits backwards on a donkey circling the shrine of “Guardian of Feathers” to commemorate the child’s survival past the age of five. The music video was posted on Cairokee's social media channels as well as the hospital's becoming an instant hit with unprecedented positive sentiment in the category of charity and fundraising.

Describe the outcome

The music video brought back the good old days of organic reach. It was an instant hit in Ramadan 2020 sparking tens of thousands of positive organic conversations on all social media platforms as well as on the assets of the hospital and Cairokee's. Between Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and IGTV, the music video was viewed more than 6 million times and shared more than 12 thousand times. Due to the music video's high entertainment value it was even picked up by some TV channels for free airing. And most importantly, the donations collected by the hospital during Ramadan 2020 increased by more than 300% versus the year before.


Name Company Role
Hesham Ellabban KAIRO Writing, Creative Direction and Co-Directing
Sameeh Selim KAIRO Planning & Strategy
Mahmoud Dogheim KAIRO Strategic Planning
Mohamed Abd El-Hamid KAIRO Associate Creative Director
Walaa Abu El Aeinen KAIRO Digital Media Planning Head
Begad Omran Bigfoot Executive Producer
Ahmed Azmi Bigfoot Executive Producer
Muhammad Mustafa Freelancer Co-Director
Mariam El Reweny Freelancer Illustrator / Character Design
Alia Wahby Freelancer Animator
Assem Kamal Freelancer Animator
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