2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
CategoryCo-creation & User Generated Content
Media Placement STARCOM Beirut, LEBANON
Production 1505 STUDIO Beirut, LEBANON

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

Amidst a total economic collapse, a mishandle pandemic and after a massive explosion, the youth of Lebanon were feeling totally Hopeless. On World Children Day, UNICEF wanted to bring back some hope to the young people of Lebanon. We collaborated with famous young band ADONIS to launch a new song that would be co-created with the youth of Lebanon and reflecting their feelings and aspirations. From writing the lyrics to composing the music, the youth were fully part of the process.


Lebanon is witnessing the worst days of its modern history. A mishandled pandemic, a total economic collapse, and a blast that took the lives of many and the hopes of many more. Adding to all that, mental health issues, unemployment , the lack of opportunities, and educational challenges cloud the minds of Lebanon’s youth. In the midst of all this despair, UNICEF wanted to bring a small window of hope to the new generation of Lebanon (13-25) on World Children’s Day part of a global initiative to Reimagine the Future.

Describe the creative idea

Amidst all the gloomy situation in Lebanon, one hope remains: The youth of the country. And to bring forward this hope, what better way than music. We launched a co-creation between UNICEF, a famous young band in Lebanon and the youth of the country to create together the new song of this generation of hope.

Describe the strategy

UNICEF is a brand that stands for the rights and wellbeing of children and young people. So at a time where the youth of Lebanon were feeling hopeless and desperate, UNICEF wanted to stand by them and instill hope for a better tomorrow. Our main challenge was to create an initiative that resonates with the youth and young audiences in a time of despair and what better way to achieve that though the power of music. UNICEF collaborated with the young up-and-coming band Adonis and involved some of Lebanon’s young people to create a song that resonates with what these youth are going through, in order to offer them a glimpse of hope into a better tomorrow. The youth participated in the writing of the lyrics and music composition to achieve a song that best represents them and their feelings during these times.

Describe the execution

If youth are the hope of Lebanon, then they should be part of the campaign. We first launched the collaboration between UNICEF and young famous band ADONIS, where the lead singer of the band invited the youth in Lebanon to partake in the creation of a new song. In addition to online input, UNICEF and Adonis selected young people who had applied on social media, to be on board the entire song creation process. And after several backstage sessions with the band and the youth, the song ”We are tomorrow” came to life. A zoom session took place between the youth, Adonis and UNICEF’s representative in Lebanon Ms. Yukie Mokuo, discussing the impact this experience had overall. A PR influencers program then followed, where 40+ key opinion leaders, public figures, & activists, started sharing the song inspiring the youth around them and building hope in a much needed time.

Describe the outcome

1. 1.5M views of people aged 13-34 in a country of 4million 2. 11M social media impressions 3. 40+ influencers and public figures walking the talk and making the song a hit


Name Company Role
Malek Ghorayeb Leo Burnett Beirut Campaign Supervision
Nada Abi Saleh Leo Burnett Beirut Campaign Supervision
Natasha Maasri Leo Burnett Beirut Conceptualization and amplification
Elias Kodeissi Leo Burnett Beirut Campaign Supervision
Carl Kaed Leo Burnett Beirut Conceptualization and execution
Nancy Haddad Leo Burnett Beirut Conceptualization and execution
Grace Kassab Leo Burnett Beirut Conceptualization Arabic writing
Mahmoud Jaber Leo Burnett Beirut Conceptualization English writing
Ameer Jabak Leo Burnett Beirut Social Content creation & planning
Farah El Beaini MSL Beirut Led PR Amplification
Layla Gaussin MSL Beirut Executed PR Amplification
Josephine Assaf Starcom Beirut Media lead
Samer Fleihan 1505 Studio Production Execution
Jad Rahme 1505 Studio Production Direction
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