2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceIPHONE 12
CategoryCo-creation & User Generated Content

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

This campaign consisted of creating such an entertaining piece of Tik Tok music video for the launch of the iPhone 12 that: 1) people wouldn’t notice the phone was missing. 2) they would take the Tik Tok challenge and start creating their own videos on the same music track


Our objective at Zain Saudi telecom was to announce that the new iPhone 12 is coming to Saudi Arabia and build anticipation and excitement BEFORE it gets there, to get pre-orders. Yes, BEFORE it gets there, which means we didn’t have it either, making it impossible to show case it or have people test it to build excitement and drive pre-orders.

Describe the creative idea

We turned our challenge into a Tik Tok music video challenge. Introducing the Zain #fingerscantwait. We created an entire Tik Tok entertainment music video, of people’s dancing fingers, that can’t wait for the iPhone to get there. That same video was the beginning of a Tik Tok challenge. And that same video didn’t have the iPhone 12 in it. But no one noticed. People were moving their fingers to the beat of the music.

Describe the strategy

Usually, for you to pre-order the iPhone, you get excited when you hold it and test it. But we didn’t have the iPoone, so our strategy was to created excitement around the anticipation. And the best platform to create excitement on is Tik Tok. Every person on Tik Tok, that took the challenge and created a #fingerscantwait video, co-created the campaign with us, and was also able to pre-book the phone. In order to make sure we were being innovative and ground breaking in our country, this campaign was the first time you saw dancing on outdoor in Saudi Arabia. Since dancing is forbidden for people, but not for fingers.

Describe the execution

First we made the video and composed the music. Production and execution were cost effective and fast because of the fact that it was only fingers on a stage. Then we launched the film on Tik Tok, along with the #fingerscantwait challenge. And our campaign went viral, taking a much bigger scale than anticipated. Tik Tok users and influencers started posting their own videos of their fingers dancing, in response to the challenge, on the music of our brand video. Instore, where we would usually have a stand with the iPhone to test, we built instead, a dancing fingers stage for people to shoot on. On outdoor and on social media, we had fingers dancing in anticipation with a call to take the Tik Tok challenge. All of that happened in less than 1 month.

Describe the outcome

10 million impressions Thousands of challenges accepted 20% increase in pre-orders vs the iPhone 11 Most importantly, we got people to pre-order the iPhone, before it got there.


Name Company Role
Mohammed Bahmishan Leo Burnett KSA Ideation
Saadi Alkouatli Leo Burnett KSA Ideation
Khawla Rayes Leo Burnett KSA Writer
Ehab Armanious Leo Burnett Support
Fady Yamak Leo Burnett Project Management
Karim Alnazer Leo Burnett KSA Project Management
Rayan Alturki Zain KSA Support
Thamer Farsi Leo Burnett KSA Support
Mazen Mitri Leo Burnett Beirut Support
Jihad Elrassi OMD Media