2018 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceMONOPRIX GO
CategoryMobile Games
Idea Creation 2 CHIFCO Tunis, TUNISIA
Media Placement MINDSHARE Tunis, TUNISIA
Additional Company MONOPRIX Ariana, TUNISIA

The Campaign

We chose to ride the multi-reality trend and cross the mobile brand app with an immersive experience dubbed “Monoprix Go”. We launched an exclusive Pokémon-go like virtual game: Armed with their smartphones and the app-camera, consumers went on a prize-chase in several Monoprix stores. From Smiles points to blenders and smartphones, a huge gift panel designed to attract young home owners was offered. The gifts were dispatched across many store shelves, and the app directed the gamers whenever they were closing on a gift. Monoprix Go allowed us to elevate uneventful, choresome grocery shopping trips into a true sensory experience. The way game prizes and loyalty points blended so seamlessly with store shelves made it an authentic and harmonious addition to a retail context. The gaming aspect of it as well as the multitude of prizes kept the masses engaged and entertained at a venue they usually perceived as boring.

Creative Execution

The launch of Monoprix Go was 100% relayed via digital channels. Digital outlets were preferred as they allowed optimal visibility to a heavily connected core target. Monoprix Go was programmed to take place in a different store every day for 10 consecutive days (from May 4th to May 13th). Monoprix’s Facebook page was the primary promotional platform for the initiative. Through sponsored posts, we were able to tease the launch of the event, and consequently promote the daily updates for each venue such as gift lists. The good thing was that through advanced-targeting we were able to aim our content towards each specific store’s neighborhood shoppers. Such a practice allowed to greatly optimize media expenditure. Besides, geographical relevance contributed to increase engagement to content.

Our task was to make Monoprix stores fun again by engaging at least 25% of shoppers in high-traffic Monoprix stores. We scored an average of 34% as a conversion-to-player rate on stores, with a peak of 54% engagement in Monoprix Bardo Hneya. The average player was 33 years old, right at the core target of Monoprix. Beyond engagement, the buzz around Monoprix Go resulted in an increase in traffic, peaking at +27% on the launch day. The brand app « Monoprix Smiles » numbers, home to Monoprix Go, soared: By day 4 we doubled the app’s subscriber’s base and met our download objective By day 14 we tripled it Shoppers everywhere were talking about Monoprix Go & promoting it for us, engaging in very positive feedback: over 50k mentions and 450k impressions among shoppers. Net Sentiment was at 84%.

“Young actives use their smartphones in a way that enriches their lives and extends live experiences” In order to attract modern shoppers, we had to adapt to their lifestyle and thus dive in the potential of mobile content and exploit it to deliver a superior retail experience. Beyond interactive social content that Monoprix already partook in, we identified AR as the true opportunity. Hyper platforms such as Snapchat generated record-breaking engagement with youth thanks to the way they mixed real life and digital content. We developed a way to upgrade store experience through mobile technology, as grocery shopping is rarely tech-friendly.


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J Water Thompson Tunis J Water Thompson Tunis J Water Thompson Tunis
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