2018 Winners & Shortlists


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The Campaign

Media agencies agree that the market is shifting to mobile. This change is driving rich media and native advertising, as touch screens and In-App advertising enable a multitude of different interactions. Rich media advertising is now a growing topic in the market, and the potential it offers has yet to be fully tapped into by brands. Rich media provides possibilities to reach several marketing objectives from brand awareness to user engagement. Branded mini games often generate higher brand lifts than video ads do! Users are also very receptive to rich media ads, thanks to the interactivity they offer and their limited intrusiveness, compared to classic digital formats. Branded mini game offer remarkable performances and a user engagement with the brand of the highest level.

Creative Execution

Mobile advertising is becoming more popular than ever! It is quickly becoming a preferred medium thanks to its capacity to offer unparalleled engagement between the brand and the user, unlike traditional media. This level of engagement is made possible thanks to In-App and Rich media advertisement. Ads Gamification achieves several marketing goals by triggering certain chemicals and stimulating areas of the brain that encourage: - FOCUS ENDORPHINS: The average print ad garners 2 second of attention. Advergaming gets 71% complete engagement. Combined with other neurotransmitters, endorphins create an ideal environment for focus. - IMMERSION & CREDIBILITY OXYTOCIN: When engaged in a narrative, the brain releases oxytocin, which generates feelings of trust and empathy, thus recognizing information presented via games as being more valid. - RECALL HIPPOCAMPUS: The part of the brain that is responsible for knowledge recall. Game play is clinically proven to activate a strong hippocampal activation. - POSITIVE ASSOCIATION & TIME SPENT DOPAMINE Released whenever we are rewarded and creates positive associations. Gamification’s virtual rewards and goal achievements trigger that part of our brain. - TOP OF MIND COGNITIVE LOAD Gamification chunks information into smaller pieces through a challenge based format, easing top of mind associations.

Gameloft has actually been ranked world’s number 1 mobile game developer in downloads by App Annie for the second year in a row. In 2016 alone, more than 1 billion Gameloft games were downloaded around the world. Such reach enables us to address a very large audience globally, for a good amount of time, daily (about 39 minutes per day) throughout the day (in average close to 6 sessions per day, per user). This is why we decided to develop our own proprietary ad network and our own ad tech, from ad server to programmatic SSP, campaign optimization tool, creative QA. As a result, we are able to offer advertisers a one stop shop, from high impact rich media formats, to native integrations and traditional display units. The solutions, innovation and execution quality we are offering are getting increasing traction: we have already received multiple industry accolades.

We have one clear goal: provide brands with the safest and most transparent environment possible to deliver their message to our audience. We are able to achieve that goal for the following 3 reasons: • Each and every game in which we run brand activations is developed & published by Gameloft. • We provide advertisers with very detailed campaign performance reports, which enable them to know exactly in which their brand is being displayed and when. • Last but not least, Gameloft was the first mobile app developer to become certified by MOAT on viewability measurement and brand safety metrics. We gather a significant amount of first party data, with the consent of our users. This enables us to offer quite a fine level of targeting We also run regular in-game surveys which allow us to consolidate our knowledge of our user base, in order to serve them relevant advertising.


Name Company Role
Mahmoud Zeidan Gameloft Regional Manager
Ahmed Tehemar Gameloft Marketing Manager