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EntrantINMOBI Singapore, SINGAPORE
CategoryIntegrated Mobile Campaigns

The Campaign

Lux’s creative strategy hinged on two crucial factors: 1. The need to inspire young fashionable women to wear the fragrance and 2.Convey to consumers that the flowerbomb was made with fine fragrance oils, which gave 2 times the bloom compared to real flowers. A two pronged strategy was used to capture of the attention of the right audience. How do you inspire women to wear the fragrance? By literally showing them how! Lux collaborated with renowned fashion designer Abed Mahfouz to design a dress made of soap, The dress was unveiled to much fanfare at a fashion show in Dubai attended by young fashionable millennial Arab women. Additionally Lux developed an innovative game based ad unit, encouraging consumers to release of a drop of fusion oil into the soap through a maze, helping consumers interact with the brand in a manner like never before, while reinforcing the brand's key message.

Creative Execution

The campaign allowed the brand to offer women an engaging and personalized experience, on a device which was always with them. Lux launched the mobile campaign using an engaging gamified rich media mobile ad unit. They deployed a two-pronged approach when developing the interactive and engaging ad unit: One: The Gyroscopic capabilities of a mobile phone was leveraged, to create an interactive mobile ad unit where users were challenged to release a drop of fusion oil, into the Lux bar through a maze. Two: Through the use of persona, and appographic targeting,the brand was able to reach fashionable millennial women At the end, users were shown a 20-second video trailer of the Lux Flowerbomb ad. The learn more button, directed users to a blog page, The Insider’s Guide. Mobile integrated perfectly into Lux's marketing campaign - the offline strategy enabled Lux to launch first of its kind soap dress which created buzz around the brand. As this event was attended by top fashion influencers it was widely shared online, creating brand recall. This offline event was strengthened with a more personalized mobile strategy allowing users to engage with the brand in a new and funky way, and achieving scale.

The campaign was a huge success! The soap dress reached 354,000 users via Snapchat and enjoyed an impressive 77% reach via Facebook The mobile ad unit was able to reach more than 2 million unique users and had an average dwell time of 26 seconds. The campaign resulted in a 100% uplift in Recommendation Levels, and 78% uplift in Purchase Intention in Middle East. There was a 67% lift in Brand favourability and after this campaign Lux established itself the second popular brand in comparison to their competitors. Additionally, post this marketing campaign, Lux saw a 89% uplift in connection between their consumers and Lux's brand ambassadors.

Our consumer is the woman who enjoys indulging. While she chooses her personal care products with careful consideration, she is also conscious of price. She’s a fashionista, beauty enthusiast and her choice of perfume, is a representation of her personality. In response to the challenge, Lux launched a comprehensive marketing campaign including an online and offline strategy. The objective of the campaign was to position the Flowerbomb, as the ultimate fragrance for fashionable Arab women. First, Lux partnered with the renowned fashion designer, Abed Mahfouz to create the first ever ‘Soap Dress’ made of a malleable soap-based. Lux then created a one-of-a-kind interactive gamified ad unit where users were challenged to release a drop of fusion oil into the Lux Flowebomb allowing users to interact with Lux in a brand new manner.


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Shantesh Gogi InMobi Head - Creative Services & Development
Vishnu Mohan InMobi Lead Web Developer
Ayman Ahmad Andrabi InMobi Senior Interactive Designer
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