2018 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceFMCG - BEVERAGES
CategoryActivation by Location or Proximity

The Campaign

During the month of Ramadan, social media experiences a significant increase in daily activity and interaction with users sharing their beautiful messages, pictures and experiences with loved ones while simultaneously looking for new information and inspiration. Every Ramadan, Vimto’s consumers create thousands of pieces of UGC and are constantly interacting with the brand on social media. It is a brand that reminds them of home, heritage and most importantly the spirit of Ramadan. This gave Vimto the idea to enhance their engagement with their consumers and to launch their new mini Vimto bottles on their most utilized social platforms by providing real time interaction with the brand and inspirational ideas for gifts; and creating new Ramadan content while driving in store traffic and revenue.

Creative Execution

SOCIAL MEDIA • A 24-hour social takeover was launched with games & tailored content giving consumers a chance to win personalized bottles. • A dedicated social media team of art directors, influencers and a Saudi comedian participated in real-time conversations. • On twitter we owned #MyVimto #VimtoArabia #Togetherness & a mini Vimto emoji. • Unprecedented numbers of UGC were shared on the Instagram page • A Ramadan Vimto Snapchat lens and filter ran at the same time. GEOLOCATION TARGETING • We used social tools & ongoing data analysis to track mentions of Vimto on social media to personalize our conversations with consumers. Through geo location targeting, we prompted them to visit the store whenever in the proximity of Bloomingdale’s. INSTORE ACTIVATIONS/BRANDING • Instore activations at Bloomingdales with premium window displays gave consumers the chance to purchase personalized Mini Vimto bottles with names printed on it and studded with Swarovski crystals

BUSINESS RESULTS • Vimto sold 33,000 personalized bottles, doubling revenue vs 2016 • Top of mind awareness increased to 21% compared to closest competitor, Tang, at 14% leading the highest consumption rate during Ramadan. MEDIA RESULTS • 4.6m + impressions on Twitter in just 24 hours vs 1.5m in 2016 • 75% positive sentiment on Twitter in vs 70% in 2016. • Engagement rate of 48% was achieved vs industry benchmark of 3%. • Generated over 5.5k mentions for Vimto hashtags vs 2.5k in 2016. • @VimtoArabia’s acquired 11k+ followers after the 24-hour takeover • Snapchat filter has reached 8M users out of 8.4M users in KSA, delivering 80M+ impressions vs 15M average. • Snapchat lense reached over 4.3M users in KSA, with 7.9M+ plays in one day. • UGC of the mini bottles was shared during the takeover &throughout the month, Vimto didn’t create or use other branded content

Young Saudi females are our core target, followed by Emiratis & Kuwaitis. This TA is digitally connected and savvy yet values traditions. As per social customs, during Ramadan they’re responsible for the preparation of Iftar and Vimto traditions are passed on to them. As Ramadan tradition, family and friends come together and in keeping with the spirit of giving they bring a gift of value for the host. Keeping in mind all the above data of the TA and their social media habits, Vimto decided to launch the Mini bottles via a truly integrated campaign across all social platforms to generate awareness and engagement with in store activity happening across the region and encouraged consumers to share their own premium Vimto content/experiences. Geo location targeting was also used to target customers in close proximity to Bloomingdale stores.


Name Company Role
Rodrigo Mavu UM Creative Director
Hazem El Ghousin UM Social Media Manager
Bassam Aoun UM Media Manager
Nayan Joshi UM Digital Media Manager
Rasha Rteil UM Head Of Innovation
Steve Sargent UM Media Director
Rawan Khbeis UM Associate Media Director
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