2018 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
Product/ServiceWOMEN'S CARD
CategoryActivation by Location or Proximity
Idea Creation FP7/RUH Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA
Media Placement FP7/RUH Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA
Production 2 PIXEL MOB Beirut, LEBANON

The Campaign

To promote the card, we didn’t do a standard promotional or traditional campaign talking about how the card is good for women. We brought the card’s promise of being ‘unique to every woman’ by creating the FIRST OUTDOOR CAMPAIGN IN SAUDI ARABIA WITH WOMEN ON IT, without breaking any of the rules.

Creative Execution

We created an interactive outdoor ad, powered by mobile technology. We took a plain mirror, placed it on a MUPI, armed it with a camera, linked to an NFC device, a Bluetooth beacon and a simple message: “Discover a card that’s unique to you.” MUPIs were installed across popular malls in Saudi Arabia. The beacon inside each MUPI sent notifications and invited all who were women to check who we had in mind for the card. And as they walked up, they saw themselves in our ad They could get a picture taken, get it sent to their mobile and then, share it with their world Each share became an ad for the bank. Using the beacon notification, a link allowed women to contact the bank directly and start the application process. Just like the card, each ad turned out to be unique to each woman too.

Saudi Gazette: “Al Rajhi Bank makes every woman the star of the ad” SABQ: “A first in the kingdom. A woman’s face on an outdoor ad!” Reach: 2.6 million women Live Interactions: 4300+ women Cards website traffic: +58% vs. competition Card acquisitions: +17% vs. competition Brand image with women: +63% vs. the period before

Saudi Arabia is changing. Women can now drive (from June 2018), get jobs and also travel without permissions from the men in their lives. Yet, despite all these changes, In Saudi Arabia, until today, advertising and media shows a lot of gender bias. While it is normal to feature men across print & outdoor channels, showing women is not acceptable, due to cultural sensitivities. Since were launching the bank’s first card, exclusively for women, our approach needed to be a “first” too – we needed it not be yet another campaign using generic insights into women in Saudi Arabia. We needed to have the bank ACT; do something meaningful and additive to women’s lives to show how the card adds value to their lives.


Name Company Role
Dany Azzi FP7/RUH Creative Director, Art Director, Copywriter
Tahaab Rais FP7/MENA Regional Head of Strategic Planning, Copywriter
Sanjay Kumar FP7/RUH Strategic Planning Director
Marc Lawandos FP7/RUH Managing Director
Jimmy Abboud FP7/RUH Senior Art Director
Khalid Zahran FP7/RUH Digital Senior Graphic Designer
Farah El Kadi FP7/RUH Digital Graphic Designer
Hosam Mobarak FP7/RUH Head of Copy
Najla Al Olayan FP7/RUH Senior Copywriter
Sara Al Haian FP7/RUH Copywriter
Mohamed Reda FP7/RUH 3D Animation
Firas Fares FP7/RUH Account Director
Tala Alem FP7/RUH Senior Digital Account Manager
Osama Barqawi FP7/RUH Production Manager
Roy Chucri Millimeter Production Director & Editor
Akram Douglas Millimeter Production Executive Producer