2018 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
Product/ServiceTACTICAL AD
CategoryCreative Effectiveness

Brief Explanation

With limited resources, Royal Jordanian was up against regional giants, thus invisible to the regional or global market, and losing affinity from the local market. Therefore, it sought to change its image by becoming more relevant, likable and loud – the best strategy for an underdog. In the meantime, the US elections were taking over the global conversation, and in one of his speeches, Trump proposed a ban on Muslims from entering the US. With Jordan’s population 97% Muslim, and with Muslims globally looking for a hero to discuss the important issues, RJ could not ignore this. The night before the election results, RJ called on customers to travel to the United States just in case Trump wins, and while they’re still allowed to, at reduced prices. This was posted across its three largest social media platforms and was backed by $0 financial investment. The organic reach was 450 million, and profits reached $874,000. Bookings to the US increased by 50% in December of 2016 when compared to 2015 bookings. Traffic to Royal Jordanian’s website increased by 300%. 26 official news sites and blogs reported or circulated the ad. 12 celebrity journalists and 13 official twitter accounts of major media platforms commented on the ad. The post generated an outpour of online and offline support for RJ, enhanced its affinity, cheered people up in troubling times, and diluted the stereotype that Jordanians are too serious. It also raised the expectations from brands, encouraging others to join the conversation we created, while top media and digital sites around the world voted the ad as one of the best #USElections tweets. Consumers were now paying attention, regularly checking their social media platforms, especially when major news relevant to the market occurred. RJ did not disappoint, as it regularly posted relevant content that got people rallying behind their favorite underdog.


Name Company Role
Hadi Alaeddin Memac Ogilvy Advize Associate Creative Director
Mohammad Kamal Memac Ogilvy Advize Creative Director
Paul Shearer Memac Ogilvy Dubai Chief Creative Officer
Hadi Alaeddin Memac Ogilvy Advize Copywriter
Luma Aloul Memac Ogilvy Advize Account Director
Khalil Atieh Memac Ogilvy Advize Account Manager
Aya Nasif Memac Ogilvy Advize Account Manager
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