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It only takes one drop of Pril to wash a set of dishes. That’s what we’ve always claimed, until Fairy, the undisputed market leader started promising the exact same, but much louder. With 0.75% of Fairy’s media spend, we had to reclaim ownership of our one-drop claim Our objectives were twofold: 1. Perceptual: Pril = “One Drop”: Retaining our original brand purpose. • Brand Tracker - Association with “One Drop” (+20%): 2. Business: Increase Share of Sink: Squeezing it out of Fairy’s bottle. • Net Sales Growth (+20%) • Market Share (+1%) This is when we set out to prove the power of one drop, empirically. Introducing the Pril One-Drop Bottle, the exact detergent bottle, reduced to the size of a fingernail. The crafting process took over 6 months; a mold was created after 20 hours of meticulous labor, following the exact design and shape of the real size bottle. 10,000 squeezable bottles were produced and one drop (1ml) of Pril liquid was injected into each of them, one by one. On ground, we went straight to point-of-sale. We handed out the 10,000 Pril One Drop Bottles across 8 branches of the 2 of the top supermarket chains. The tiny bottle was amplified with a launch film and glorified in bite-sized entertaining online clips geo-targeting women near supermarkets. Videos of the in-store promotions and people’s reactions were created for shareability along with gifs and posts on our owned social platforms. Our One-Drop created a huge splash. Perceptual: KPI: • Brand Tracker - Association with “One Drop” (+20%): One month after the campaign, the same test was done and association of “One Drop” to Pril increased from 8% to 30%, representing more than 350% growth. 2. Business: Increase Share of Sink: Squeezing it out of Fairy’s bottle. KPI: • Net Sales Growth (+20%): Increased by 45% percent over the next 2 months, a 140% growth. This resulted in a 100% volume growth over the same period. • Market Share (+1%): Increased by 1.2% to 3.9% representing a 45% growth, while Fairy’s market share decreased by 1.8% to 83.2%. • ROMI: A return of 32%, the campaign registered more than 300% higher than the average ROMI of 6%-8% for FMCG companies. Our one drop turned our 0.75% of Fairy’s media spend into the equivalent of more than 25% in earned media (Media Agency, 2016). Coverage included the most esteemed local and global media outlets; The National and Emirates 24/7, Campaign Magazine, Taxi, The Huffington Post, AdAge, Ads of the World, AdWeek, Trend Hunter, Packaging of the World, Marketer and Mental Floss, all commending the works and more importantly restoring our ownership over the “one drop” claim.


Name Company Role
Walid Kanaan TBWA\RAAD Chief Creative Officer
Manuel Borde TBWA\RAAD Creative Director
Joelle Zgheib TBWA\RAAD Creative Director
Gabriel Gama TBWA\RAAD Art Director
Guilherme Grossi TBWA\RAAD Copywriter
Dany Njeim TBWA\RAAD Art Director
Joe Lahham TBWA\RAAD Head of Client Services
Ola Ibrahim TBWA\RAAD Senior Account Manager
Ruba Moadad TBWA\RAAD Account Executive
Ali Cheikhali TBWA\RAAD Senior Strategic Planner
Hazem Atieh / Ezzat Habra TBWA\RAAD Creative Services Managers