2018 Winners & Shortlists


EntrantFP7/CAI Cairo, EGYPT
CategoryFast Moving Consumer Goods
Idea Creation FP7/CAI Cairo, EGYPT
Media Placement MAGNA Cairo, EGYPT

The Campaign

The first thing we had to do was find that one confidence-based insight that would really resonate with young Egyptians. The tension point we zeroed in on was this: In Egypt, university education is seen as an extension of high school, almost a mandatory. But while universities were producing thousands of qualified professionals every year, they weren’t preparing them for the transition to the workplace. This entry to the ‘real world’ was leaving fresh grads lost and confused, in a full-blown crisis of confidence. As a brand that owns the confidence platform, we knew it was our responsibility to step in. We created Rexona Confidence Academy: an educational platform arming fresh-grads with the soft skills they need to transition to the workplace with confidence.

Creative Execution

We started off by creating the solution: Rexona Confidence Academy. An online hub populated with six certified courses teaching almost-grads the different soft skills they’d need to land the transition with ease, and to really ensure that our courses were reaching our intended target, we partnered with a young football player turned life coach to prepare and host them. Finally, to create on-ground impact, we took the most popular courses on tour across Egypt’s biggest campuses. To raise awareness about this confidence-building solution, we created two films - one male, one female - to act as a slap in the face of this generation that refuses to ask for help. The films acted as cautionary tales, playing on all too common stories of cocky students falling flat on their faces after graduation. We then adapted a series of insightful GIFs to post on Facebook, directing students to each course.


The performance of the campaign greatly exceeded our expectations. The films in particular were responsible for increasing the association with 'confidence’, interest in the brand, and testing as best in class for ad recall and brand interest: - Ad recall: 31.3%* - Brand interest: 664.5%* - Total Views: 4.4m** - Average percentage viewed: 88%** - CPV: $0.01 – four times cheaper than the benchmark of $0.04* We engaged our audience hrough our Facebook GIFs, directing them towards our online and on-campus courses: - Reach: 52.65% of our target audience of 41.4m* - Ad recall: 13.15% - almost double the benchmark of 7%* - Engagement: 115k* We also wanted to reach as much of our audience as possible through our online and on-ground skill-building activities: - Number of students reached: 150k* - Number of course attendees: 20k* * Media agency campaign report, July 2017 ** Rexona YouTube analytics, July 2017

Our goal with this campaign was to make Rexona, and its confidence platform, locally relevant. The only way we were going to get through to Egyptian millennials was by eschewing the generic global communication that the brand had long relied on, and connecting directly wth our audience through what confidence meant to them. With Rexona Confidence Academy, we fostered a one-to-one connection with our audience, empowering local youth to get through the biggest hurdle of their young lives, and self-assuredly land the leap from college to the workplace.

Getting through to Egyptian millennials was never going to be easy. They’re a highly opinionated, tech-savvy generation who after sparking a revolution refuse to stand for anyone or any brand telling them what to do. To get them to listen, our creative needed to be bold and brash. We needed something with the power to make an impact amidst all the media millennials were drowning in; something with enough balls to call them out on their cockiness, and that wouldn’t tiptoe around them or look down on them the way they were used to. In a nutshell, our creative had to be a slap on the face.


Name Company Role
Ahmed Hafez Younis FP7/CAI Executive Creative Director
Mohamed Salah FP7/CAI Associate Creative Director
Hussein Diaa FP7/CAI Copywriter
Gihad Mansour FP7/CAI Senior Graphic Designer
Rania El Bakry FP7/CAI Head of Digital and Social Media
Yasmin Shehab FP7/CAI Digital Account Manager
Yahia Hashem FP7/CAI Digital Project Manager
Yara Hassan Fekr Productions Executive Producer
Mohammed Kamal Fekr Productions Producer
Haisam Abou Samra Fekr Productions Director
Kamal Samy Fekr Productions DOP
Islam Hassan Fekr Productions Art Director
Ayman Zorkany Fekr Productions Stylist
Mahmoud El Masry Fekr Productions Puppeteer
Hussein Diaa FP7/CAI Music Composer
Aslan Tarek FP7/CAI Post Production
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