2018 Winners & Shortlists


Product/Service40-YEAR ANNIVERSARY
CategoryUse of Ambient Media: Small Scale
Idea Creation CHEIL KSA Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA

The Campaign

We launched a nostalgic and fun campaign to re-establish the bonds between the brand and the older generations, whose childhoods are rich with movement, social activity, and imagination, stand in contrast to the kids of today. That is why we wanted to introduce the older generations’ childhood to the children of today through the traditional games (The Good Days Games) so they can live the real fun and adventure, experience their parents’ childhood and connect all generations together.

The Brief

Suntop is celebrating its 40th anniversary, this brand has been a real childhood companion for all generations. The brand wanted to celebrate with all Saudi generations, bearing in mind that the children of today are totally different from the children of yesterday. The younger generation lived within the boundaries of the digital world while the older generation lived freely without it.

Creative Execution

We launched a microsite with five traditional games that were deeply rooted in the Saudi culture. To enable the children to easily follow them, we visually illustrated a step-by-step instruction for each game. In order to fulfill the high demand from the nostalgic parents who shared their beautiful stories on the microsite, we crafted a Traditional Games box. The box was carefully designed and crafted to introduce the old games in a very unique and attractive way. Upon opening the box, a Thank You note greets the recipient for being a part of the campaign. The box contains the tools which are redesigned in a modern way while keeping children’s safety as a priority. The box also contains step-by-step instructions and retro-styled Tshirts illustrating Suntop’s coolness and old heritage.


We were successful in bringing generations together, and establishing a memorable experience for the new generation with the brand that will be cherished forever. The campaign achieved massive success in terms of engagement on social media, the microsite, and on-ground presence. Many beautiful stories were shared, hundreds of boxes were sent to meet the unexpected popular demand of the customers. Most importantly, this campaign allowed parents to reconnect with their children, and their children to reconnect with the outdoors.

Suntop is known to be a fun and educational brand that played a big part in the childhood of many generations for the past 40 years. The brand opened a channel for the older generation to express their memories with Suntop. In order to engage the younger generation with the older one, traditional games were launched on the microsite to create a memorable experience with the brand. The traditional games were not only launched on the microsite, a traditional games box was carefully developed and delivered to the campaign’s participants, in order to maximize the engagement with the brand for all generations.

The campaign’s aim was to reach out to the children through their parents (Gate-keepers) by enabling the children to relive the authentic experience that was part of their parents’ childhood. This experience will allow them to be more connected to their families and surrounding communities and at the same time, allow them to be excellent ambassadors for Suntop.


Name Company Role
Laith Hafez Cheil KSA Creative Director
Ayham Murad Cheil KSA Senior Art Director
Yasser Abuthuria Cheil KSA Senior Art Director
Waleed Mushtaq Cheil KSA Senior Digital Art Director
Abrar Alghamdi Cheil KSA Copywriter
Mansoor Khan Cheil KSA Account Director
Muhannad Nazzal Cheil KSA Senior Account Manager
Ashraf Abdelnabi Suntop Digital Marketing Lead
Hussien Alkathiry Suntop Asst. Brand Manager
Saja Sajeini Suntop Marketing Executive
Salman Tariq Mir Suntop VP. Marketing
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