2018 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryUse of Digital Platforms

The Campaign

Nightlife in Dubai is known for having become sterile and sometimes dull, and in an attempt to disrupt Dubai's nightlife and bring the Art of a Random Night to life, we launched our Snapchat account via the Snapchat booth which rotated at events. Users were prompted to step inside it and respond to one question: Where will the night take you? Every Absolutist knows there's no such thing as an average night, at least not when you're spending one with us. We believe that the night favors the random... the artists... the creators. Those who chase the night, even when it's already theirs. We make plans just to break them and have never particularly believed in the idea of a "last call". You see, the night is always young when you practice the THE ART OF THE RANDOM NIGHT.

Creative Execution

The booth design made use of an infinite space optical illusion. Inside the booth the Absolutist looked into the darkness and told us where the night will take them. To raise interest and encourage participation, we had masked promoters present at location. Their outfits were comprised of ultra trendy garments to add an authentic and artistic touch of the brand. The booth was activated at 2 events - All Day I Dream and Groove on the Grass.


The Snapchat booth activation has helped us activate our communication platform and build a solid user/following base on our social platforms. User generated snaps: 1,200 Booth visits/engagement: 10,000

This is an innovative way of physically activating a social media platform (Snapchat).

To reach our Absolutists in a dark market, we had a lifestyle driven communication platform; content that focuses on the everlasting nightlife in Dubai with all its randomness, with art being at the core of it. #Absolutists are the urban creative millennials; they look for places that go against the grain, that enable new experiences. They do something not typical in Dubai, and we want to champion that. "Art of a Random Night" became our communication idea. It's about experiences you take part in. It's about spontaneity, turning strangers into friends and ending up in places you never thought you would be. Your night is never a boring night. You are an artist, and your art is making the best out of the most random nights. You become the story, and you celebrate the art of having a good time in a city where the nightlife is too predictable.


Name Company Role
Mo Alghossein Interesting Times Creative Partner
Tres Colacion Interesting Times Associate Creative Director
Ali El Sayed Interesting Times Head Of Arts
Ashraf Mansour Interesting Times Planning Director
Wassim Bassil Interesting Times Partner/CEO
Sara Samad Interesting Times Account Executive
Jimmy Francis Interesting Times Creative Partner
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