2018 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceHP SECURE

The Campaign

We knew that if one device on the network was vulnerable, whether it was a printer or PC, any device attached to it could be vulnerable, including the built-in camera on your laptop. The idea was to create a direct mailer that would secure an unsecure device. This included a promotional item that would 'patch' this obvious security risk to show HP's commitment to your security. The item would be sent as direct mailer with a message to recipients: "No device is secure if you're not using HP Secure PCs and printers. Until you do, here's something to make your device safer."

Creative Execution

The HP Unhackable Patch is a two-piece construction consisting of an adhesive sticker and magnetic cover. It was packed in a small box with a message and instructions written on it. The DM package was sent out by HP to top CEOs in the country. It instructed them to place the patch on the camera and follow a link to learn more about HP's PC and printer security.


The campaign established a clear positioning for HP as Leaders in Print Security with their key proposition of being the world’s most secure printers. This was achieved by raising awareness of printer security threats and starting a conversation with corporations & business of how to ensure their network is secure with the world’s most secure printers (through the HP A3 Multi-function printer fleet) from cyberattacks. The campaign changed the perception of customers by making them doubt their existing security strategy which overlooks the printer, a device connected to the network but not secure resulting in a potential cyberattack. Overall, the campaign over-delivered on KPI’s by achieving: Social: · Engagement: 20.87% vs 3-5% benchmark · VTR: 20.53% vs 10% benchmark LinkedIn: · CTR 0.76% vs 0.3% Benchmark Search: · High CTR and Low CPC Most importantly the campaign generated US$ 10 million in sales deals across the Middle East.


HP needed to talk to businesses ranging from SMB to Large Enterprise Customers that value their client and business information, primarily in government, banking/finance, and healthcare. These businesses have already invested in security solutions to protect their networks but have most probably ignored protecting other devices like printers. Studies have shown that when businesses set up their security strategy, printer security is usually ignored and is only an afterthought. Less than 30% of business have actually implemented security measures on their printers at a time where approximately 16% of the threats/attacks are being done through printers (up from 4% in 2014). HP wanted businesses to have a more holistic approach to their security but this could only come from the top down. We sent out the DM to top CEOs and IT managers in companies across the UAE with a link to a website where they could learn more about


Name Company Role
Paul Shearer Impact BBDO Dubai Chief Creative Officer
Roger Possatto Impact BBDO Dubai Associate Creative Director
Jason Velasquez Burayag Impact BBDO Dubai Associate Creative Director
Benjamin Lees Impact BBDO Dubai Senior Art Director
Thiago Neves Impact BBDO Dubai Senior Art Director
Ahmad Haddad Impact BBDO Dubai Senior Account Manager