2017 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryUse of Social Platforms

The Campaign

In 2016, we created a film promoting all the great things there are to do at Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai. The film went viral, and got thousands commenting about how they wish they could visit Atlantis but might never get the opportunity. One such comment caught our eye, and we just had to reply. We invited the commenter along for a tour of Atlantis, with a twist. After showing her the sights, we led her up to the fabulous Presidential Suite, where we had one more surprise in store - a familiar face from the film she commented on appeared on screen and gifted her with that very suite, for an entire weekend! We captured her surprise on film and shared it with our fans, inviting more comments and proving the old saying "be careful what you wish for, because it might come true".

Creative Execution

Getting the idea up and running involved a lot of moving parts: from the client's budget approval, to wading through the sea of comments and finding the right consumer, to contacting her, making sure she was available and delivering the Priceless Surprise. We were determined to get it right rather than just create another piece of content to squeeze into a timeline. Once we had picked someone to surprise, the plan got rolling. We set production for the following weekend, and a representative from Atlantis met with the winner and her family. She had no idea she was a winner. She thought Mastercard and Atlantis were just being kind and giving her a free tour of the grounds. The surprise went off without a hitch. And when we shared the resulting video on Facebook, we got yet another sea of comments, expressing their joy and appreciation for the surprise.


Besides putting a smile on the selected customer's face, all of the responses on the resulting video were positive and renewed Mastercard's reputation for delivering real, unexpected surprises. We helped to create memories that will last a lifetime, and delighted more people at every step along the way. The resulting video "Priceless Reply" reached over half a million views, a lot of them organic. But the best part was once again the comments section - full of love and praise for the surprise and the Mastercard brand.

Mastercard is renowned for delivering unforgettable surprises to unsuspecting cardholders. They call this platform "Priceless" and it serves as the basis for every impactful digital activation that we deliver. On this occasion, we leveraged an unexpected opportunity - a community member's heartfelt comment beneath a film on the Mastercard Facebook page, and delivered something that only they could, a Priceless Reply.

The strategy was simple: over and above promoting a Priceless offer, we had the option to take the campaign a step further and deliver a Priceless experience to one of our followers. Going beyond simply explaining the idea of "Priceless", we had a chance of delivering on the brand's promise and turning words into actions. Demonstrating "Priceless" to its full potential.


Name Company Role
Simon Attwater DigitasLBi Executive Creative Director
Shwan Nazar DigitasLBi Senior Art Director
Katrina Petrenko DigitasLBi Senior Copywriter
Gabriel Mafra DigitasLBi Senior Planner
Shafiq Adam DigitasLBi Service Delivery Manager
Alice Elmi Carat Media Media Director
Tamas Garam Carat Media Senior Media Planner
Mridul Mishra Carat Media Senior Media Planner
Barry Brand Leap Productions Manager
Ihab Mokayed Leap Productions Manager
Jay Williams Leap Productions Producer
Mike Golding Leap Productions Producer
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