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Product/ServiceRAYYAN WATER
CategoryFast Moving Consumer Goods
Additional Company Y&R Doha, QATAR

The Campaign

And this leads to dehydration, gain weight and obesity. We wanted people to question what their bodies are really in need of. So we created the Water Snacks – special packaging in the shape of the most common snacks, but rather than containing food, they contain water. We placed them into special vending machines, right next to regular ones. And gave people the chance to choose.

Creative Execution

We took some of the most common snacks: sandwich, chips and chocolate bars. And we designed special packaging with those same shapes, but containing water. The design of the Water Snack is clean and simple, in order to differentiate them from all other existing snacks. Everything is in black and white and the outcome is a product that reflects the physical attributes of universal snacks. The packaging has been made in Tetra Pak, maintaining the dimensions of real snacks and thus fitting perfectly into the vending machine. We placed our special vending machine right next to a regular one. We branded the machine entirely in black and white and on its side a big headline read the campaign line, questioning people about what their bodies really needed. Other water snacks and special vending machines are being placed all around the GGC – in offices, cafes and parks.


- Our special vending machine sold 290% more then the regular snack-selling vending machines, sparing thousands of unnecessary calories. - 70% of consumers approached the regular machine and then changed their mind - choosing to have water instead of regular snacks. - Other special vending machines are being placed throughout the GGC – in offices, cafes and parks. - Brand affinity rose by 32%. - The Water Snacks raised awareness about the importance of drinking more water for a healthy lifestyle.

We made people question what they really needed – and choosing refreshing water instead of unnecessary food items.

There are plenty of scientific reports talking about the importance of drinking more water. And well known experts, like Michelle May (Discovery Health Channel, Dr.Oz and Oprah radio) claim that the key is awareness – understand what your body is really asking for. With this campaign, Rayyan Water could establish their commitment towards the society and their dedication in helping people to live in a healthier way. Thereby coming closer to their customers. The message was brought to people through the products themselves as well as the special vending machine that contained them. A big headline on the side of the vending machine (You’re not hungry. You’re thirsty.) questioned people about what they really needed. The target audience was everyone approaching the regular vending machine, thinking they were hungry. The aim of the campaign is to make people question what they really need, giving them a simple choice to make.


Name Company Role
Kalpesh Patankar Y&R Dubai Executive Creative Director
Fabio Tridenti Y&R Dubai Art Director
Elisa Binda Y&R Dubai Copywriter
Binnu Chrian Y&R Dubai Production Manager
Flavio Zanni Y&R Qatar Creative Director
Crahan Pinto Y&R Qatar Associate Account Director
Dalia Abuzeid Conceptview Media Executive Producer
Hazem Alagha Conceptview Media Producer
Frederico Beja Conceptview Media Director
Shanavaz Saina Conceptview Media Production Assistant
Ryan Gonsalves Freelancer Editor