2017 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceTHE SMART BUS
EntrantFP7/BAH Manama, BAHRAIN
CategoryFinancial & Business Products & Services, Commercial Public Services
Idea Creation FP7/BAH Manama, BAHRAIN
Media Placement FP7/BAH Manama, BAHRAIN

The Campaign

To protect children, we created THE SMART BUSES; a cutting edge IoT and ICT vehicle solution using Batelco’s mobile technologies, for Bahraini schools, school children and their parents. The buses keep children safe from the neglect and the oversight in school buses that used to lead to children dying unnecessarily in Bahrain. Since children aren’t allowed mobile phones in schools, there is no way for parents to keep a track of their children’s safety while they’re in buses. So, we have implemented a solution using Batelco’s innovative telecom technology, giving power to parents and helping them ensure safer journeys for their children.

Creative Execution

The buses are designed using Batelco’s innovative mobile, IoT and ICT technologies. A smart monitoring system registers the number of children on every journey, counts the children in and out. With a 4G connector providing WiFi on the go, the system notifies the school and parents of the missing children or those left behind. Additionally, the school and parents can monitor the location of their respective bus via GPS and know the arrival time at school and also, at home. With driver identification built into the system, the solution also ensures the drivers abide by traffic rules and regulations by allowing parents and the school to monitor the speed of their bus. A camera with network video recording (NVR) and a sound sensor detects signs of distress among the children And temperature control systems control the heat, especially during the unbearable summers.


If one saves a life, it is said to be equivalent to saving all mankind. Post-implementation of the idea, it’s fulfilling to report that no child has died in a school bus. The brand benefitted too. According to Batelco CEO, Muna Al Hashemi, this vehicle solution is in big demand from transport authorities. 1) Innovation equity increased from 35% to 49%, while competitors declined from 35% to 26% (Zain) and from 30% to 25% (Viva). 2) 222 buses deployed. 3) $1.32 million in sales (Avg. cost per bus solution = 2250 Bahrain Dinar i.e. $5965). 4) Sales Return per Bahraini Dinar spent on Marketing: 560%. 5) A 44% increase in overall ICT products revenue after the launch of The Smart Buses. It attracted attention from media and people in Bahrain, MENA, United States, UK, Europe, Russia, India, and Africa, leading to an earned media value of $538,000.

Because children aren't allowed to have mobile phones in schools, it becomes difficult for parents to keep a track of their children's safety in school buses. The idea was created to give parents the power of Batelco's technologies in their hands and help them keep a track of their children's safety, every day while their children were away in school buses. It also kept the children safe through direct uses of Batelco's mobile technologies. The idea has built a relationship with parents and with schools, as well as with transport companies. And it kept children safe in school buses.

School buses are supposed to be joyful and safe rides for children. And every day thousands of children in Bahrain travel on buses to schools and back. But unfortunately, in many cases, school buses in the country have turned into carriers of tragic news; as children have been dying in school buses. (Source: Gulf News, News of Bahrain) Owing to neglect of bus supervisors and lack of effective monitoring, children who end up falling asleep in the mornings on the way to school, end up getting left behind on school buses for up to 6 hours; locked up in school buses with outside temperatures soaring above 40-45 degrees Celsius and having no way out. They suffer from panic or asphyxiation and they die. Batelco, being Bahrain’s leading telecommunications brand and an innovative digital solutions provider, could keep Bahrain’s children safe in buses, through its mobile technology solutions.


Name Company Role
Ehab Lori FP7/BAH Managing Director
Amit Kapoor FP7/BAH Creative Director
Tahaab Rais FP7 MENA Regional Head of Strategic Planning / Creative Strategy Director
Amit Kapoor FP7/BAH Creative Director
John Fayek FP7/BAH Art Director
Umar Achraf FP7/BAH Consumer Engagement Manager
Raju Nelluvaya FP7/BAH Art Director
Mohamed Sabra FP7/BAH Senior Account Director
Heba Yousafali FP7/BAH Account Executive
Mohamed Ismail FP7/BAH Studio Manager
Noha Alaa FP7/BAH Media Executive
Talking Pictures Productions Talking Pictures Productions Production House
Abdulla Abuidrees Batelco Marketing Communications Senior Manager
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