2017 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceTHE 2017 MALIBU LTZ
CategoryUse of Social Platforms

The Campaign

We dug deep into our marketing playbook and did something that a car brand should never do when launching a new car. We removed the badge. We then did something else that no brand should ever do, we started advertising it. This idea allowed us to generate direct engagement from prospective buyers, ignite excitement and capture unbiased reactions that changed perception about the all-new Malibu and the Chevrolet brand.

Creative Execution

We created an entire teaser campaign that featured the unbranded Malibu under the guise of the all-new CarX. An advanced mystery car with stunning design and advanced technology. There were social posts from mystery accounts. A secret landing page where people could explore this mystery car in detail. We then worked with Twitter to create the World’s First unbranded Twitter campaign to talk about CarX. We even changed our tone of voice to make sure that people had no idea who was creating them. Our print and outdoor executions were driving people to a secret landing page where they could explore this mystery car. To reveal the Malibu, we created a social video to see what people really thought of the unbranded CarX and to guess what it was. We got real people, not actors to experience the car and give us their honest and unbiased opinions.


Our teaser campaign was so successful, that 433 people tried to buy the car without even knowing what it was. Our social media teaser posts received 90% positive sentiment and over 28 times more engagement than the average car launch on Twitter. This campaign was created with the target of creating 1,500 new leads. We ended up with 4,693 leads. Talk about an unexpected success.

The All-New Malibu "CarX" campaign used the World's First unbranded Twitter handle and other innovative digital formats to initiate a direct response from potential car buyers and generate leads.

Our target audience are 30-45 years old Arab man who are luxury driven, in search of status, fun loving and ambitious. It was important to excite them about the all-new Malibu in a segment driven by uninspiring boxes on wheels. Knowing that the all-new Malibu breaks the mould by combining luxury, hi-tech features with a sporty look & feel, we wanted to capture peoples reaction without prejudice. Hence the creative idea of removing the badge and creating mystery about this car.


Name Company Role
Andrej Arsenijevic Commonwealth // McCann Creative Director
Darren McCall Commonwealth // McCann Associate Creative Director
Tamer Elsawy Commonwealth // McCann Associate Creative Director
Reema Chandhok Commonwealth // McCann Digital Art Director
Omar Al Dehneh Commonwealth // McCann Social Media Designer
Abdul Kader Asfari Commonwealth // McCann Arabic Copywriter
Jesse Armstrong Commonwealth // McCann Account Director
Jody Leon Commonwealth // McCann Digital Director
Shaymaa Abuqoota Commonwealth // McCann Social Media Strategist
Jad Noujeim Carat Media Director
Anas Diab Carat Digital Director
Bhavana Gowda Carat Media Manager
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