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CategoryExperience Design

The Campaign

Musical Order. We got people to sing their order. But they didn't know who was listening. Pepsi and KFC wanted to give people more reasons to call in and create direct engagement. Which is why, we collaborated with the regional Megastar, Hussain Al Jasmi, and created an activation that took place over the phone in KFC call center in Cairo, Casablanca and Kuwait city. We asked people to sing their orders. But what these callers didn’t know who was listening. And along with their order, came a big surprise! Hussain Al Jasmi himself delivered their orders and joined them for a meal. An activation that turned the day-to-day act of ordering food over the phone into a memorable experience, proving that KFC with Pepsi is always a great call.

Creative Execution

The activation kicked off in KFC call centers, in 3 different cities and 3 different countries across Egypt, GCC and Morocco. Callers were challenged to sing their order. But what they didn’t know was that the regional Megastar, Hussain Al Jasmi was listening. And, along with their order, came a big surprise! Al Jasmi himself delivered their orders and joined them for a meal and a singsong. To amplify the impact of the activation, we created an online film and shared it on social media. We promoted the video throughout our own platforms to accumulate views and work on building the relationship between our consumers and the brands, thereby ensuring to capture as much of YouTube’s user traffic as possible and guarantee brand relevancy. The campaign was pushed during one month but conversations lasted for weeks after.


The campaign achieved far beyond original objectives. Behavioral Results: - 5,371,920 views in just over 1 week – Source Google Analytics - Positive sentiment analysis (Like and comments) confirms that 90% of consumers enjoyed the video - Source Facebook Business Manager - As a result, Buzz scores (message recall and brand awareness) increased by 165% from the start until end of campaign. Source: BrandIndex 2016 KFC Business Results: (Source: KFC Sales Department) - Staggering a 13% call increase throughout Middle East (+177,430 calls in 1 month) - 11% increase in sales in 1 month (Feb Vs March) throughout Middle East Brand Equity Results: Pepsi Brand KPIs scores (pre & post campaign) -       “Is a Brand Associated with Music” increased by +3 in KSA Source: CTS Pepsico 2016   Brand KPIs (Jan vs March): -          ‘Reputation’ increased by 75% -          ‘Buzz’ increased by 165% Source: YouGov BrandIndex 2016  

The idea of this campaign was to change callers “boring and robotic” experience when ordering over the phone and challenge them to act in a totally different way. The opportunity was to attract and build an emotional connection with an audience who usually sees KFC in more traditional display ads. The aim was to bring KFC to life via experiences and also to generate immediate increase in call orders. KFC and Pepsi joined forces to kick start an activation that leverages the popularity of the regional megastar Hussein Al Jasmi, to create instant buzz and virality of the campaign.

Home delivery is a very important segment which is facing increasing competition. We spoke to the staff at the KFC call centers in the region, who confirmed one issue about client experience when ordering over the phone. They describe it as “robotic” and boring. So we thought, how could we liven it up? The Arab region is known for its love of music, which is one of the reasons it is a key pillar for Pepsi. (Listen to music is most preferred activity among 16-29. Source Nielsen) So what better way to combine KFC and Pepsi, than with music and home delivery? To bring scale and buzz to the campaign we wanted to work with a top music star, someone whose popularity shines across Middle East and North Africa. That’s how we partnered with Hussain Al Jasmi: Top Pop Music Artist, Youtube Top Music Artist (over 90,000,000 views).


Name Company Role
Fadi Yaish Impact BBDO Dubai Executive Creative Director
Marie-Claire Maalouf Impact BBDO Dubai Associate Creative Director
Sarah Berro Impact BBDO Dubai Executive Arabic Writer
William Mathovani Impact BBDO Dubai Associate Creative Director
Philippe Berthelot Impact BBDO Dubai General Manager
Mathieu Diette Impact BBDO Dubai Regional Account Director
Rany Sarouphim Streetsmart Studios Producer
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