2017 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryUse of Ambient Media: Small Scale
Idea Creation SCANAD KENYA Nairobi, KENYA

The Campaign

Our idea was simple, every time an employee hit the download button in office, within no time, he would find our delivery team dressed as movie and TV characters delivering a better quality of the same content.

Creative Execution

In February 2016, Discover Movies signed up Weetabix EA and APA Insurance for an InstaVideo Service. With InstaVideo service, we had a good plan that could help put an end to ‘downloads’ in both offices. However, to get employees interested in the service, we had to choose a creative way to demonstrate our strengths of fast delivery and better quality content in the most effective way. We decided to beat the employees in the game of downloads. Every time an employee put a movie or a TV series on download, the IT department pulled out the relevant details and sent it to Discover Movies. Instantly our delivery boys got into action, dressed as relevant TV/movie stars they delivered the content much before it downloaded on the employees computer. Our act got employee’s attention and resulted in immediate sign-ups for the service.


The idea of getting office sponsored HD quality movies and TV series was an instant hit amongst employees with an average of 68% of the employees signing up for the service. The video of our office drama spread across social media platforms garnering more than 1.2 Million media impressions. CEOs and heads of many offices were key endorsers of the idea. With an operational cost of USD84 on costumes of the characters the campaign generated PR worth USD 0.66 million. The ever-increasing demand for InstaVideo service has forced Discover Movies to start operations in three more cities in Kenya. As of today, 48 corporate offices have signed up for a long-term partnership with Discover Movies InstaVideo service giving the video library access to over 75,000 customers from across Kenya.

InstaVideo Service is a unique offering that targets movies and TV series downloads in corporate offices. It partners with corporates to directly engage with thousands of employees and provide them with a better movie and TV series watching experience, delivered within no time. Dressed up as movie and TV characters, our delivery boys not only interrupt live downloads in offices but also sign-up interested employees for the service.

Discover Movies was a dying video library and did not have money to do a big advertising campaign. Therefore, we had to find a cost-effective solution along with a new relevant Target Group. We found our opportunity in the problem of downloads in corporate offices. With better quality content and instant delivery service, it was a win-win situation for everyone. Our stunts were documented and widely shared on social media, giving the brand more eye-balls and even more interested customers.


Name Company Role
Rakesh Jha Scanad Kenya Limited Creative Partner – Art
Hassan Danish Scanad Kenya Limited Creative Partner - Copy
Jason Nartey Scanad Kenya Limited Creative Director
Sandeep Madan Scanad Kenya Limited CEO
Omondi Abudho Scanad Kenya Limited Creative Partner - Art