2017 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryCharities, Public Health & Safety, Public Awareness Messages
Idea Creation BEATTIE + DANE Kuwait, KUWAIT
Production CINEMAGIC Salmiya, KUWAIT

The Campaign

We knew that it wasn’t his message that needed to change, but how he said it.  The idea was to develop a film that addressed key issues that were priorities to Kuwaiti women, in a way that presented the facts in Abdulwahab-like fashion, using his candor building on the anger that was prevalent in the community. However, the message would not end with anger, it would aim to remind viewers of their role and the power they have to inflict change in Kuwait. 

Creative Execution

The film was released on November 23rd, 2016 via social media platforms three days before the election day of November 26th, 2016. At this point every other candidate had released their final campaign messages, public announcements and any support campaign. The channels were primarily twitter, youtube and instagram. The decision to wait until the end of the campaign to release this was key as it also aided in helping shift any swing votes or undecided voters. It was a turning point in the campaign overall for the candidate.


The film was a huge hit. It not only stood out visually but the narrative was built to empower the people watching vs promote the candidate behind it.  The results spoke for themselves.  Out of the 36 candidates that ran for a seat in the parliament for the 3rd district, Abdulwahab came out as the first elected official on the list with the highest number of votes, 55% of which were from female voters. Over 160,000 organic video views on youtube and a 97% full video view rate. Twitter brought in over 761,000 impressions, 90% of which were organic and an engagement rate of 95%. Abdulwahab was listed as one of the 5 candidates who received the highest number of votes in 8 of the 13 counties within the 3rd district.  Not too bad for a first-time candidate. 

Abdulwahab stood out as a candidate to watch in the next election. However, the polls told us he didn't appeal to female voters. The project was framed around the idea of how to connect with female voters in a way that resonated. This required an understanding of a mindset and resulted in a written narrative that would not only tell a story of change but motivate a vote. Both of which got him to be the candidate with the highest female votes whom as a result felt more empowered to inflict change by supporting the candidate.

The first step was to understand what were the major concerns with female audiences at the time - education, healthcare, housing and anything that had to do with the safety of their families.  Kuwaiti women were feeling helpless and almost hopeless because of the laundry list of issues that had not been addressed and didn’t feel they had enough of a voice to change it.   The narrative strategy was intense as it combined graphic elements to reinforce key facts and figures, but also featured footage of major events that made headlines in the country that people would recognize. The tone is forthright but intense with the objective to provoke and inspire and instill a sense of pride. 


Name Company Role
Dana Alhanbali Beattie + Dane Managing Partner
Anes Al Rayes Beattie + Dane Executive Creative Director
Anes Al Rayes Beattie + Dane Executive Creative Director
Aziz Aljasmi Cinemagic Kuwait Ltd General Manager
Mostafa Faramawy Cinemagic Kuwait Ltd Executive Producer
Tareq Ali Zanad Founder
Wael Alaa Cinemagic Kuwait Ltd Composer
Abdulrazzaq Alsaraie Cinemagic Kuwait Ltd DOP
Abdulaziz Alsorayia Cinemagic Kuwait Ltd. DOP
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